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Im Indonesian in RL. Born and live in Jakarta. Play this game with id Kalkir. In irc im use nick name chlome and pura2tidur

Kalkir was born in Indonesia in RL , and start this game in eindonesia . Kalkir born in 21 november 2010 in eJava from refferal van obe a.k.a Dewagin and becoma member of party frontal since at first day until now. In irc kalkir use nick name chlome and pura2tidur

politic history position in party : 1. Ketua divisi Politik Frontal 2. Ketua umum Frontal 3. Komandan AG 4. Ketua Divisi Media Frontal in eindonesia 1. Petugas Tetap #lograk 2. Deputi Mensos 3. Deputi Mendagri 4. Congress eIndonesia 5. Sekertaris Congress eIndonesia 6. President of eIndonesia at 5 Desember 2011

military history 1. member of armada garuda 2. member of ELITA MU in serbia