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My name Levy is I started to play eRepublik a little time. I am part of the party Arena,I will build a story in Brazil.I want to reach at the peak as President of Brazil but this is not even the half that I intend to reach. I will go and help my country as it is in any way is with intelligence,wisdom,and patience. I have great admiration for Jair Messias Bolsonaro the true politician.Unfortunately Dictatorship just because with it yes! our country had a real education.Just look at the conversation of the ex-president speaking of we the people manifest in the streets of your home: "Sunday, Sunday I'll stay a little bit hidden, because it will have a lot of pedestrians on the door of the house to beat in the coxinhas. If the "coxinhas" appear, will carry so much punch that they don't know what will happen", account of the ex-president brother. Vava answers referring to the protesters against Lula "assholes". “Let there, let these guys. These guys are some assholes,” said the brother of the former president, according to a report of telephone interceptions of the Federal Police. A complete nonsense,I dream of a country right I am called "end" this me revolted at the time,I thought in a different way I want to help my country is all.