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[[U.S.I. Party]]
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[[Zippyist/Español|Zippyist]] [[file:Flag-Spain.jpg|20px]]
[[Zippyist/Español|Zippyist]] [[file:Flag-Spain.jpg|20px]]
[[[[U.S.I. Party/Español|Partido U.S.I. Party]] [[file:Flag-Spain.jpg|20px]]
=To do list=
=To do list=

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Robo de Noviembre

Black November War

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U.S.I. Party


Conquered Regions of Chile

- Jan 18, 2012: Add regions at today


- Jul 26, 2012: Add Q7 Weapon data

Military rank

- Dec 01, 2012: Add First D3 GoW data


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Rocket Factory Flag-Spain.jpg

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Robo de Noviembre Flag-Spain.jpg

Black November War Flag-Spain.jpg

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Zippyist Flag-Spain.jpg

[[Partido U.S.I. Party Flag-Spain.jpg

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Black November War Flag-Spain.jpg

Latin American War Flag-Spain.jpg

First Chile - Romania War Flag-Spain.jpg

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