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Here are my current and future projects that I'm working on.

Please do not make any changes to this list; however, you are welcome to discuss anything on my talk page.

My Page----Done

  • Add information on Early Days
  • Add information on political
  • Add information on military history
  • Add achievements

European Social Alliance

  • Find Some Information on it
  • Find it's leaders
  • Member countries
  • Put in the contract

Indian Tutorials----Done


  • Make it
  • Put a tutorial of first days in Erepublik
  • Put a tutorial about organizations
  • Put a tutorial about wellness
  • Put a tutorial about products
  • Put a tutorial about raw materials
  • Put a tutorial about running a business
  • Put a media tutorial
  • Put in images
  • Make it into tabs like belea suggested

Indian History

  • Put information about India before Independence
  • Put information about Indian Independence
  • Put Information about India After Freedom
    • Problems Faced By India After Freedom
      • Food Crisis
      • Political Takeover
    • Indian-Iran War
      • Cause for the start of the war
      • How it stopped
  • President of India
    • Wolontario Period
    • Lautar0 Period
    • Srachit Period
    • Dionysus Period
  • India-Indonesia War