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Food increases the citizen's health. Food, like all products, can be purchased in the Marketplace. Food can only be consumed by clicking the Eat Food button.

If you do not have any food in your inventory, the Eat Food will change into a Buy Food button in order to warn you. If you have no food in your inventory, or you don't choose to consume any food, your health will decrease according to your initial health and any houses that may be found in your inventory. When your health reaches 0, your citizen will die, and you will be given the option to revive your citizen next time you log in.

Product components

Food has one product component: ingredients. Ingredients increase health. So, depending on your daily needs, you can purchase the type of food that suits best. One day you might want food that gives you less health, while another day you need more health quickly.

How to consume food

You can only consume food by clicking the Eat Food button, which can be found in the sidebar of any eRepublik page, underneath Health. After clicking this link, your health will be restored as near to 100 as possible. First your citizen will eat the highest quality food in your storage. If the highest quality food will make your health rise over 100, instead of the highest quality food the next highest food unit will be eaten. The health values of the citizen will then increase the amount that is given to the food consumed. The information of health will be automatically updated both on the sidebar itself, and on the user's profile itself.

The amount of remaining health which can be consumed will be displayed in the tooltip button.

Note: If you have energy bars in your storage, they will be consumed before food.


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