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   president= Leinades|
   president= Leinades|
   vice president= |
   vice president= |
   members= 34 (06.12.2011) |
   members= 29 (17.01.2012) |
   number=3794 | <!---(DON'T FORGET!!! number from the URL on eRepublik)--->
   number=3794 | <!---(DON'T FORGET!!! number from the URL on eRepublik)--->
   link= http://vesela-strana.slovakforum.net/ | <!---(if have outside website)--->
   link= http://vesela-strana.slovakforum.net/ | <!---(if have outside website)--->
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* [[fwdre]] June'11
* [[fwdre]] June'11
* [[Dimitru Osraldescu]] July'11
* [[Dimitru Osraldescu]] July'11
* [[Leinades]] December'11
* [[Leinades]] December'11 ''impeached

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Vesela Strana

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General Information
Country 20px Czechoslovakia
Abbreviation VS
Forum [1]
Colors orange & black
Founded May 2010
President Leinades
Members 29 (17.01.2012)
Congress Occupancy 2/40 seats, 5%

Vesela Strana is one of the largest parties in Slovakia / Czechoslovakia.


The party was originally created by Ghostbiker in May 2010 under the name Ghostyho Vesela Strana, accidentally. After being developped to one of the most powerful political groups in Slovakia, the party got abandoned by the PP due to summer break, PTOed and renamed. Second chance got the party in October 2010, when it's PP Ghostbiker became Country President of Slovakia. From the ashes of the old GVS, at the beginning of year 2011 the party got renamed to Vesela Strana and it's one of the most successful and strongest parties up to these days. It's definitely the funniest party in the country famous for strange Law proposals proposed by VS congressmen, funny propaganda articles and "political" program. Their social orientation it's based on love, happiness and direct communication between members.


On October 15th, 2011, during Party elections, Vesela Strana has been successfully PTOed by doco11, a member of HLAS - THE VOICE, the biggest political rival of VS since it was created. Election Results: [2]. The party got immediately renamed to HLAS - THE VOICE - 11 and created a big shock in the VS community however the old love core of VS will never surrender. Ghostbiker as the main protagonist and real PP created a new party named Vesela Strana. Noone can beat love!

Party Presidents

Elected Presidential Candidates

Vesela Strana had proposed mostly it's own presidential candidates, only the following succeeded and became country presidents:

Interesting facts

Hochelus - Haf Haf

Hochelus has been proposed for the Country Presidency 5 times in Vesela Strana, but he haven't been elected yet. He was an official candidate in November 2010 (28 votes), January 2011 (41 votes), February 2011 (46 votes), March 2011 (70 votes) and August 2011 (94 votes). In August 2011 the difference between him and the winner was only 5 votes!

Inofficial Results - November 2011
Official Results - November 2011

November's 2011 CP elections

In November 2011, Ghostbiker lost against his biggest oponent, Lawyee from HLAS - THE VOICE, in one of the best presidential elections in Czechoslovak history by 2 votes!

Congress members

Main article: Congress of Slovakia

November 2011

(8 congress members)

December 2011

(2 congress members)