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Vincent Truglia

20 Message

Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 1500
Date of birth May 17 2009
Date of death 2009
Congressman of Rhode Island
June 25 2009 – July 25 2009
Preceded by MjDiv
Succeeded by Alexander Hamilton
Congressman of New Mexico
Preceded by Seth Ford
Ambassador of Romania
July 16 2009 –
Preceded by Mathew29
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Vincent Truglia was a citizen of the USA. He has died and been reincarnated as Sam Kraus.

Early Life

Vincent Truglia joined the game on May 17th 2009. Like many other newbs he was not sure how to start. He kept doing his daily two-clicking tasks until he was able to fight. Once he reached level 5 he joined the 12th platoon in the National Guard where he trained. After a while of just fightig in war games and working and training Vincent decided to join the United States Workers Party.

It was there that he really started to become active in USA life. With the USWP's endorsement for Congress Vincent was on the fast track now. He won in a very tight race against the incumbent from the Libertarian Party, Mjdiv. But in the end Vincent won by only 2 votes. Mj was an excellent senator, very cordially congratulating Vincent and offering any help a new congressman might need. The next day Vincent moved in to his office in the congressional threads. And started his work in the 19th Congressional Class.

19th Congressional Seat in Rhode Island

The first weeks were very rough. Vincent wasn't sure how to proceed. It took a couple of weeks to get into the swing of things but once he got his feet wet everything came to him. He got help from congressional friends like Chris Stanwick and Bill Brasky, and fellow USWP members like Zcia During Vincents first term in congress he was an active member in the Military Committee. Developing the DEFCON Defense Alert Readiness System in his first term. Also helping out with many proposals. The most important part of Vincents time as the congressman from Rhode Island was the experience he earned there. He learned about the real political life in the USA. Who to talk to, whats important, where to find information and how to get things done. He was also able to make a real political platform in his time in Rhode Island. Unfortunately his stance on lowering taxes was compromised during the war, where he had no choice but to endorse income tax raises to 30% to help the war effort. Later congress approved lowering the taxes down to 25%.

Ambassador to Romania

Vincent felt that his time in the World wasn't spent as wisely as it could have been so he decided to take on more responsibility. He applied for an ambassadorship and was assigned to Romania. The 5th largest nation in the world. He helps to maintain a friendly relationship with president Smif and to keep the United States MPP with Romania current. His ambassadorship is a position he still holds today.


19th Congressional Voting Records

Vincents voting records for the July 2009 Term can be found Here

20th Congressional Race

With World War 3 in full swing and the Allies losing slowly but steadily the United States Workers Party decided to pull all of its candidates from congress so that they can all fight in the war. While Vincent thought it was a good move he felt that it was not the best time to leave so many congressional seats(The USWP held 23 seats in congress during the 19th Term)in the hands of new Congressmen. He decided to leave the USWP and join the United Independents Party. Vincent wanted to run in his old state of Rhod Island but there was already a candidate on the ballot and after a lot of thought he decided to run in New Mexico.

New Mexico & PTO's

PEACE is notoriously famous for the use of the Political Takeover (PTO). So the USWP decided to pull all of their candidates and all of their voters, and fly them all over the world to aid our allies against PTO's. Instead of real USWP members they brought in other candidates from some of the smaller parties and allowed them to run on their ticket. Along with this the USWP and other parties used blockers. Blockers are a tactic where the party will run a candidate that they have no desire to win just to guard against a foreign citizen running on that ballot.

Vincent won New Mexico without even breaking a sweat. He was up against all blockers. Never-the-less he was once again elected to congress, but with a new party. It will be interesting to see how things get done.

20th Congressional Voting Records

Records for Vincents Term in the 20th Congressional Class can be found here

World War 3

Main Article: World War III

On July 14th 2009, it is another day that shall live in infamy. It was the first time an invasion has taken place on American soil. This War as it stands now looks like its going to be around for a while. The battles between the 2 alliances are going back and forth. As of now its mostly just been Russia & France battling it out between The USA and Canada. With Canada taking the worst of the brunt, losing 5 out of their ten territories with the big loss being Quebec.

The United States has not fared so well either. When peace invaded Alaska the US stopped them dead in their tracks. But PEACE did not give up they came right back the next day. Fighting hard for that high oil region they eventually won out. WIth battles going back and forth for some time PEACE eventually captured many American States. As of now it stands at 7 states in the North-West. None of these states have any real significance mostly just all moral losses. For more accurate Information on this war please see the main article of World War III

Vincent did all that he could to keep the people of Rhode Island informed on battle orders. He spent much of his own time and money helping out new players in the war. Teaching them how fight properly and to use the hospitals properly. Sending gifts and weapons to newbs and constantly requesting that they pay attention to their orders from the head of the DOD, Eugene Harlot and The Harry Dick Times, our President Harrison Richardsons Newspaper, New battle orders were set up after Eugene Harlot resigned. You can find them here


Vincent has said that he feels that Avatars are a huge part of this game. They are the face that you associate the name with. Here are the Avatars that Vincent has used thus far.

The Yankees are the best team in the History of Organized Sports. They stand for the American Dream.
Roland Deschain, The Last Gunslinger, A man from a world that has moved on. But Roland still fights. Its a good time for people to believe in Hero's