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The Workers' Rights Party was formed as a direct successor to the defunct Socialist Party in order to push the policies of equality, fairness, free-thinking and creativity in the eUK.

 We want as many citizens as possible to have a say in how the country is run. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity. 
(WRP Political Statement)

Workers' Rights Party

Party-Workers Rights Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Abbreviation WRP
Forum Part of UK Forum
Colors Red and White
Founded Day 1487
Dec 16, 2011
President Aaron Mark Daniels
Vice President Alexander Atem
Members 64
Congress Occupancy 6/40, 15 %
Succeeds The Socialist Party
Orientation Libertarian
Ideology Center-Left

Party Leadership

The party is managed by an elected and appointed "Leadership" Council which facilitates the day to day organisation of the party and ensure all members views and opinions are valued and respected. At heart the WRP is a democratic party.

Party president

In the WRP the Party President forms overall party strategy, maintains and enhances the party's reputation, managing party communication, encourages recruitment and develops party policy with the party members. They also keep informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

Vice President

In the WRP the Vice President supports the Party President in forming overall party strategy, maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation, managing party communication, encouraging recruitment and developing party policy with the party members. They also keep informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

Secretary General

In the WRP the Secretary General promotes recruitment policies and ensures the general morale and spirit of the party is high. An independent check that the Party President and Vice President are meeting the expectations of our party members.


In the WRP, the Councillor supports the party president in deciding the policy which guides the party and keeping the PP informed regarding the current political climate of the eUK.


In the WRP the Spokesman supports the Party President in representing the party via the media to let the citizens of the eUK know what the party stands and the party's views on the state of the eUK. They would also support the Party President and Vice President in maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation.

Major Policies


Party-Workers Rights Party.pngIncrease transparency from our elected officials. Answerable to the electorate who they must strive to represent.

Icon-media-Social interactions and entertainment.pngAttempt to educate all new and existing citizens via Government Programmes and constantly updated guides.

Icon-media-Financial business.pngImproved the economy of the eUK leading to higher wages for all and better prices for goods. More for the hard worker.Ensures all eUK citizens can work for a fair wage or in a commune as desired.

Icon-media-Financial business.pngMaintain current Work Tax value.

Icon-media-Financial business.pngDecrease VAT on Food.

Icon-media-Financial business.pngIncrease VAT on Weapons.

Icon-media-Financial business.pngMaintain current import tax levels.

Icon allcountries.gifSelective immigration policy, focusing on Allied and Friendly Nations. With a focus on maintaining national security and integrity.

Icon signed alliance.pngOnly enter into MPPs with key allies and other countries during times of need

Icon-media-Social interactions and entertainment.pngSupport the NHS by providing Governmental donations to those who run the charity.

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gifEnsure the current military structure of the eUK in maintained by supporting all eUK's MUs by providing quarter of a percentage (0.25%) of the country's tax revenue for each active 'fighter' in all British Military Units from an average day's revenue from across 7 days. So effectively one day a week the Commanders of UK Military Units would receive a percentage of country's tax revenue to spend in their unit as the unit sees fit based on who has been fighting in their unit.

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gifContinue to fight and support all allied war efforts.

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gifEnsure that the eUK is involved in conflicts most of the time.

Icon signed alliance.pngSupport the long term occupation of foreign territories by the eUK only if a bonus is being achieved or it increases the eUK tax revenue signifcantly.

Party-Workers Rights Party.pngContinue supporting the publication of in-game media/newspapers to ensure to remains more active and inclusive. Well written and good articles recognized. More informed citizens

Party-Workers Rights Party.pngImprove in-game media/newspapers so it becomes a better forum for debate, using it for wider consultation and referendum to form policy. An inclusive and fairer society.

Party-Workers Rights Party.pngEnsure all UK citizens have a fair chance to voice their opinions and are respected Let's be a free society without fear, every citizen has a view and listening costs nothing.

Party-Workers Rights Party.pngEnsure the eUK remains a fun and inclusive society. It’s what we all are here for!

Party-Workers Rights Party.pngContinue to be respectful and co-operative with all political parties in the UK All parties want to make the eUK a better place, so let's work together when our polices on "how to do so" agree and respectfully debate when they don't


Following the founding of the party in 2011 WRP grew slowly acting a minor party with little to no say or voice in politics this changed in the closing months of 2012 with the party shooting up the rankings growing in members becoming a more powerful political voice in early 2014 where they broke the top 5. This was cemented with a frequent left-wing alliance with the People's Communist Party.

Early Days

The early days from the founding of the Workers' Rights Party mainly focused on recruitment and policy development with their ethos We want as many citizens as possible to have a say in how the country is run. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity. which was established very early. Members Chaos Reaper and 123Wes who'd later play a key role in the party joined. During the early days the Workers' Rights Party also supported the CP campaigns of Kravenn (TUP) Jan '12, swiftykid (Dharma Initiative) Mar '12, Stefan1992 (Dharma Initiative) Apr '12, jamesw (ESO), Jun '12 including "free votes" in Feb '12 and May '12 although all CP elections are free votes as our official support is just an indication of the "will" of the majority of the party.

In the July '12 the Workers Rights Party took an important first step by proposing Huey George as a candidate for country president breaking away from the supportive role the party had been playing. The WRP obtained 4.78% of the total vote, finishing 4th and obtaining over 6 times their party membership at the time of voting. As a party they introduced a new logo and more consistent branding. Important party member myheadstone also joined the party during this period of the party's history.

The Workers' Rights Party returned to supporting CP campaigns after a party vote, supporting bamber (PCP) in Aug '12 and a "free vote" followed in Sept '12. This was followed by an important internal change in the party which saw Chaos Reaper become the Party President ending Huey George's 9 consecutive terms. This handover in power allowed Huey George to run for Parliament with the ESO in Sept '12. Once again the WRP ran independently for CP proposing Huey George as a candidate in Oct '12 and obtaining 19.08% of the vote and finishing 2nd a fantastic result considering the size of the party membership.

On day 1,781 The Free British Irregulars are founded. The Military Unit fights for freedom, fairness and justice, we fight for the United Kingdom and her allies. Although the proud fighting arm of the Workers' Rights Party we will accept any man or woman who uphold our ideals. The military unit was founded to give party members and others a chance to hold important roles in a friendly, relaxed, creative and community orientated military unit.

Military Unit and New Leadership

When the official party roles of Vice President, Secretary General, Councillor and Spokesman were introduced. Party President Chaos Reaper appointed Huey George as Vice President and myheadstone as Councillor. At the beginning of Nov '12 the party membership votes to support Richard Feist (UKPP) for CP.

On Day 1,822 myheadstone became the third citizen to hold the position on Party President of the Workers' Rights Party. During his three-term stewardship of the party, he overseed Huey George being elected as a member of Congress (Parliament) with the support of New Era in Nov '12, The WRP's first seat in Parliament and retaining a seat in Dec 'l2 with the support of the UKPP. The WRP retained a seat in Parliament into Jan '13. The WRP supported UKPP's CP candidates BigAnt's (Dec'12 and Jan'13) and Richard Feist (Feb '12) successful campaigns. FightAndProduce also joined the party during myheadstone's time as Party President, he would go on to fill important roles in the party.

Day 1,914 of the New World, FightAndProduce becomes the fourth citizen to become Party President of the Workers' Rights Party. In his first month in charge membership increased including members Jamie2721 and ArnoldDijn joining, these citizens would go on and make an notable impact on the party. As February ends and March begins the members of the WRP vote to work in coalition with New Era in the Congress elections (Feb '13) (unfortunately the coalition fails to secure enough votes for Huey George to take a seat in Congress) and support New Era's Country President Candidate Goku Jones (Mar '13)

TOP 5 Reached

The Party Presidential elections on Day 1,942 of the New World saw experienced party steward, myheadstone return for his 4th term of Party President overseeing a historic day for the Workers' Rights Party. In coalition with New Era the party secured a historic two seats in Congress (Parliament), the members of Congress elected was Huey George for his third term and FightAndProduce for his second term (Mar '13). Later in myheadstone's term Richy101 is appointed Spokesman of the Workers' Rights Party and the members of the party cast their votes in favour of supporting Jimbojoy TUP's candidate in the country President elections on day 1,963 (Apr '13).

This final chapter in the article begins once again with a change of stewardship of the party with FightAndProduce once again elected as Party President on Day 1,973 of the New World. This period also saw the rise in prominence of the Workers' Rights Party member Arnold Dijn, during FightAndProduce's 2nd term as Party President of the WRP. Arnold was appointed the Spokesman of the WRP and was elected into Congress when the WRP worked in coalition with the UKRP becoming the third WRP member given the chance to represent the party and the eUK in Congress (Apr '13).

FightAndProduce has also represented the party and the eUK well as Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and continued to do so in Ayame Crocodile's cabinet who the members of the party voted to support in the Country President elections May '13. The party, in the first 4 months of 2013, has increased from 12 to 82 members. Before May Party President elections James Warren is appointed Councillor. Jamie2721 was elected 5th party president in May 2013, and then Huey George came back to lead WRP in June 2013.

Decline and party president list

Following a split in the ideals of prominent members of the abuses of New Era (with FightAndProduce and Habeeb taking a hostile side, and Jamie2721 leaving the party for the Radical Democratic Party), WRP slowly declined out of the top 5 to be replaced by the other far left party: People's Communist Party and the splinter-party of New Era and WRP called the 'Radical Democratic Party' (which has since fallen). The Worker's Rights Party would remain as an influencing force through prominent members but had lost their electoral weight.

Top 5

In the modern Era the Worker's Rights Party has been a top 5 party, remaining 4th whilst parties like the People's Communist Party fell below the level to be replaced by the British Democrats Party USP. They have had mild success even being influential in CP nominations.

After Huey George done his two comeback terms as party president, the list of the party presidents was: