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Energy and what influences it

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Working in eRepublik is simple, especially as you can work in your companies and for an employer. For your companies you can work once a day, but for your employer you can work more than once if you have enough of overtime points.

Finding a job

You can apply for a job where you will get a salary in the job market through Market menu.


To reach the Companies page, through which you can work:

  1. Go to the tab My places of the menu and choose Companies.
  2. Pressing the related pop-up alert showing at the bottom-left corner of each page.

On the Companies page you will have several options, including:

  • Work
    • Work overtime - only when working for the employer
    • Nightshift Work - only when working for the employer
  • Start production

If an option has a green button, you can click it and work.

For somebody else

When you have chosen a job in the job market, after you did the option Work you will see the option Work overtime, which can be done if you have 24 overtime points, which can be earned by the houses. After the Overtime, the option Nightshift Work is shown, which functions similar to the Overtime. More info at Overtime...

For yourself

Report of production
Report of production in the Reports tab of Notifications.

In addition to working for others, you can also work for yourself if you own companies. Simply select your companies and produce in every company with clicking to "Start production". You can work ONLY once a day in EVERY company of yours. In order to work the companies of final products, you need to have enough raw materials to make them. If you have raw companies too, you could work in each company at the same time, because the raws will be added before you use them for the products. If you don't have enough raw you could buy from the marketplace.

When you work your companies, you will receive a notification with a report of your productivity, workers used and paid work tax.

Note: As manager you can only work the companies related to Food and Weapon. You CAN'T work the companies related to House and Aircraft.

What happens while I work?

  • You will lose 10 Energy working at each company (working overtime can cause more energy loss, read Overtime for more info)
  • With every single work in a company you gain 2 experience points.
  • You will receive your salary, minus work tax (when you work for others).

What happens after I work?

You will see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information:

  • Country productivity (resources)
  • Days left to work until the Hard Worker achievement
  • Number of days, worked in a row
  • Received experience points (+2 for each firm)
  • Amount of loss energy
  • Amount of used employees
  • Amount of consumed raw materials
  • Amount of consumed food

Why do we work?

Some citizens work for their own individual gain. They get paid a salary and give their bosses materials or products which they may use to make other products, or sell for profit. However, other citizens work towards a larger goal. For example, in military units soldiers may be asked or even required to work for minimum wage. In return, they get regular supplies (such as weapons and food), free of charge. Doing so is often more efficient than soldiers supplying themselves. Some might also only work to gain a Hard Worker medal every 30 days.

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