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This page has been saved as historical information about alternative community.
Small forum community has been started at the end of the 2009 and lasted for some time. Due to the great work by a wiki editor, this article is saved as a piece of history about that community..



Journey of Wisdom

General Information
Disbanded Unknown
Country Flag-eRepublik.jpg eRepublik
Region New World

The World-Tribe is an alternative community, established from the readership of Grain of Sand, a newspaper published by Arjay Phoenician. The Tribe has members from all over the e-world and seeks to create its own culture based on honor and integrity. It is an invitation-only community, preferring quality citizens over quantity, finding creative means of expression, searching for answers to the basic problems of the world and making them happen.

This page is a quick introduction to the Tribe. If you'd like more information or to visit us, please contact Arjay Phoenician, or see us at our Forum. You can also chat with us at IRC (Server: Rizon, Channel: #worldtribe).

About the Tribe

Mission Statement

We, the members of the World-Tribe, have collected ourselves, set aside our various differences, and made a commitment to create a community, based on mutual trust and respect. We are dedicated to establishing a culture of expression and creativity, a philosophy which cherishes an active democratic tradition, and a code of ethics which includes the best this world has to offer and a few good ideas of our own. In time, we seek to manifest this community in the world, to take what we’ve made and plant it in the hope of watching it blossom and multiply. The rest of the world may see what we’ve made and enjoy, they may see and seek to destroy, but regardless of the outcome, we hope to build something unique, vibrant, and above all else, loving.

Five Guiding Principles

ACTIVISM. This tribe is not going to just come to this board and gripe about the things that irritate us in the eRepublik world. We're going to find ways to act, to diffuse the powers that be, to brainstorm ideas, and to practice what we preach. When confronted with a political foe, we will not back down from it, no matter how enormous the task at hand might be. The solution might be military in nature, might require diplomacy, might call for an outward show of solidarity, but regardless of the means, the end is to combat the things that drag down life in our world, the corruption, the hubris, the dirty tricks.

BALANCE. This is not a pacifist organization, and it is naive to think war at eRepublik will ever end, that Pandora's Box was opened a long time ago. What we can do is fight the honorable battles, to defend rather than to take, to liberate rather than to oppress. The hope is to bring a sense of balance to the world, where the large can simply run roughshod over the small with impunity. In politics, there is imbalance when a core of elites emerge in a country and have created conditions to where their monopoly on power is absolute; we will seek to undermine such elitism and restore balance to such nations.

CHIVALRY. There is no honor in the strong always devouring the small for the sake of cheap political or military victories. Just because you CAN do a thing, it does not necessarily follow that you MUST do that thing. Might does not make right, and the Golden Rule does not mean the one with the most gold makes the rules. We seek to have empathy for those people and countries in crisis, and to act on that empathy. We champion the underdogs. We root for those trying to do things the right way. We don't cater blindly to the whims of superalliances or national elites, those things change with the direction of the wind. Honor, dignity, grace, compassion, these are the things we hold above political correctness.

DEMOCRACY. There's more to being a functional democratic society than to just show up on Election Day. Democracy is not an event, it is a process. It is an everyday commitment. It requires using the media to sway popular opinion, not in manipulation, but in setting your point of view and persuading others to see it as you see it. Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. The real patriot does not say, I love my country, right or wrong, but rather, he says, I love my country when it is right, and when it is wrong, I will make it right.

EXPRESSION. There's got to be more to communication at eRepublik than presenting a button and hoping someone walks by and presses it. We're more than accounts and profiles and 1's and 0's in some infinite binary string. Real people are at the keyboards, getting their citizens to jump and talk and even, dare I say it, live. Such life demands to be heard for what it is, what it may come to be. This tribe will explore and push the boundaries. We write fearlessly, passionately, lovingly, ecstatically. We don't seek to just inform, we seek to enliven. We don't put words on the screen, we bear our souls.

Political Bullet-Points

  • The World-Tribe is an invitation-only community, not seeking to grow for the sake of numbers, but to seek out quality individuals who share our values and to offer them the door to our alternatives.
  • The World-Tribe is creating a self-sustaining society, complete with its own infrastructure, finances, media, and political spheres of influence.
  • The World-Tribe is creating its own culture, based on the guiding principles of activism, balance, chivalry, democracy, and expression. It is seeking like-minded individuals who want to assist and thrive in such a culture, and to take that culture and weave it into the fabric of the eRepublik world.
  • The members of the World-Tribe will live clean and honorable lives, work their jobs, pay their taxes, build their careers, cherish the friends they make, and they will prosper, individually and collectively.
  • The World-Tribe is going to find new ways to dream and new games to play. While devoting time to our careers and newspapers and businesses and political parties and battles, we will balance these demands with levity, laughter, and always, love.
  • The World-Tribe will support candidates, members or otherwise, with platforms that correspond to our principles, with our votes, our gold, our voices, and our volunteering.
  • The World-Tribe is not a pacifist society. While we recognize war is an integral part of the game, we will not engage blindly or along alliance lines. We will seek to assist the invaded and defeat the invader, to liberate and resist and not to conquer.
  • The World-Tribe is committed to a country’s right to self-determination and will seek to undermine any party which seeks to rob a country of that right.
  • The World-Tribe does not recognize the legitimacy of the ATLANTIS-PEACE paradigm. Countries, just as are persons, are responsible for their own actions in this world and need to be both recognized for the good they do and criticized for the ill. It is not the actions of an extraneous superstructure that deeds are done, but the wills of nations and the people therein.
  • The World-Tribe condemns the use of the PTO as a tactic to affect political change, regardless of who use it and who is victimized by it. The Tribe will seek to assist those targeted by the PTO and to erode support for factions employing it.
  • The World-Tribe seeks to understand an event before entering into it. While we will be seeking to establish contact with people and governments around the world, such contacts will not constitute blind loyalty.



To become a member of the Tribe, you will need three people to vouch for your character:

  • The person who invited you to the Forum
  • The person who seconds the motion
  • The person of authority

Once this is confirmed, your name will be registered as official.

Official Members

(Members, as of December 1, 2009, in alphabetical order, including national flag)


Tribal Writings

The Gypsy Caravan (a Tribal saga, initiated by Phoenix Quinn)

Worldwide Inspirations


One of the prime concerns is balancing the desire to promote the Tribe and its principles on one hand, and pursuing our careers in our home countries on the other. The village concept is a proposal to create microcosms of Tribal culture all around the world. The first village, currently under construction in the United States of America, will be experimental, trying means of politics and finance to install the Tribe as part of the national structure. Other villages will be built in countries and regions based on the success of the first, as well as interest elsewhere.

American Village

The currently unchristened American village was founded in December 2009.