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This page documents an official eRepublik Wiki policy.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


Page Policies

References & Fictional Content

General Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

eRepublik Official Wiki:Wiki Policies

The eRepublik Wiki is governed by a series of policies. The following page lists all of the current policies and a brief summary of them. All editors are required to read and understand these policies.

Editor Behavior

Policy Summary
eRepublik:Behavior policy This is what we expect from EVERY editor

Page Policies

Policy Summary
eRepublik:Naming policy The Wiki has a standard way to name pages.
eRepublik:Wiki Page Policies This gives a breakdown on what should go on certain pages.
eRepublik:Category Guidelines All Wiki pages have categories. Are you thinking about creating a new one? Read this first!
eRepublik:Redirect Guidelines Sometimes you want to redirect a page, this is how and when to do it.
eRepublik:Deletion policy Does a page need to be deleted?

References & Fictional Content

Policy Summary
eRepublik:Reference policy Some claims must have references.
eRepublik:Fictional content policy Sometimes fictional content is allowed in the wiki
eRepublik:Religion policy Many people have "in game" religions. This policy determines what is eligible for the wiki.


Policy Summary
eRepublik:About This simply tells the purpose of the wiki.
eRepublik:General disclaimer Wiki General disclaimer

Legal Stuff

Policy Summary
eRepublik:Wiki Administration This describes how the wiki is administered and who can become an administrator
eRepublik:Privacy policy The eRepublik Wiki is under the same privacy policy as the game eRepublik.
eRepublik:Terms of Service The eRepublik Wiki is under the same Terms of Services as the game eRepublik.
eRepublik:Copyrights In Progress. In short, don't submit anything that isn't yours.