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Welcome to the eRepublik Bar

 Remember to sign (~~~~) your comments! 

Speech balloon.png What is the bar?

The Bar is a place in which editors can exchange their ideas, or drink a beer.

After introducing yourself at the Community Portal, you can learn what changes need to be made, see what projects are going underway and take part in many active discussions. You are welcome to start a new discussion, but keep in mind that all articles have their own talk pages, and please remember to sign your comments!

In summary, how we treat each other does matter. It matters because, without empathy, our lives are shallow, self-centered and meaningless.

Stock post message.png To-Do list

We need editors and translators!
If you are new and don't have any experience with wiki at all - ask for help in the Bar!
Dear editors and translators, we need you to:

  • Update Outdated and Stub pages.
  • Translators, if you would like to help, check out the Category:Translations or alternatively, if you find an article that doesn't have a translation in your language, feel free to do that.
  • Feel free to format non-formatted articles
  • Create new articles or update obsolete by reviewing this list
  • Tackle one of the projects in the box below

Stock post message.png Projects

The list of projects is currently being compiled!

Template IRegion

Just a note, {{IRegion}} has been updated to match {{Region}}. Also {{IRegion/doc}} has instructions on how to translate the IRegion to all supported languages. If there are some editors that would like to check the already existing translations, take a look as there are some additional tags that still need to be translated. Have a great weekend! --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 11:25, 19 October 2018 (PDT)

WikiProject Geography

WPGeo logo.png This user is a member of the
eRepublik Geography WikiProject.

So, I'm trying to do something here. If there are still alive people on the wiki who are willing to join, please do. For start, there is this pretty badge: {{WPGeo User|(Username)}}. Otherwise, I should hope to finish by year 2020 Grin.png --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 13:33, 28 November 2018 (PST)

So, the scope of this project is too pretty much make/update the scripts were updating some info about regions/countries and make scripts to maintain the other info that you have in the goals? Because, sure a manual update of all regions would be a yes, but at some point those info would still need update, so I guess at some point there will be a script to automate these.
Or I guess another solution for the manual update would be a preparation with writing the updated templates' field at those pages which have older version of some templates...Anyway, what I asked :P --Icon-Greece.png Jimkats1 | profile 15:33, 28 November 2018 (PST)
At the moment, I'm primarily concerned with updating resources on each page. It's no longer 1 resource per region: regions can have up 4, with most having 0. Hence, the template had to be changed a bit, and the pages need to follow up as well. The only way for me to do this manually, but if you know of any other ways, you'll be saving me a lot of time :) --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 15:49, 28 November 2018 (PST)


We can say that 33% of active users (3) joined the project, which is pretty good! :D

Soooo... On December 3 I finished updating regions with resources. I still have a few missing to what was announced on forum ( ), but hopefully that will get sorted soon. Possibly some resources haven't been chosen to be placed anywhere? Anyway, I'm now onto updating the rest of the regions (the ones with no resource). I've also changed {{Region}} a bit, as you can see in the edit summary. Historical capital design might not be the best one, but I couldn't come up with anything else. I'll match the changes to {{IRegion}} as well soon.

Along with updating the rest of the regions, I'm also trying to add info about previous resources from the page history and in some cases this update and I'm also adding RL coat of arms where possible.

*finishes talking to himself* --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 13:29, 13 December 2018 (PST)

Update #2

Last night I finally finished updating regions. With Gucio's help I managed to track down the missing resources. I have updated {{iRegion}} to match {{Region}} (made a bit mess as I didn't notice a tiny space which made a difference between {{iRegion}} and {{iRegion/Core}}). Anyway, outdated localised region pages are now added to Category:Outdated region pages, but I hope these should be easier to update, as basically you can copy the code from the main (English) page and not spend time collecting data.

Next, I'll be adding historical resources info to regions, which is something I started midway through updating regions with no resource, so still a lot left. Not much info on resources won during 2015 Resource Wars (mainly just a few pages updated by Andy and me during 2015/early 2016 and capitals – they all got fish), so if anyone finds info about these, do share please.

Also, project membership has doubled since the last time: Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:WPGeo_User! Overwhelmed --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 04:35, 5 January 2019 (PST)

Stats for nerds #2

Date Lonely Stub Ugly Wrong
Outdated No cat
region pages
March 6, 2014 1116 84 126 218 452 17000+  ?  ?
May 2, 2014 1444 44 86 201 1438 15878 1336  ?
July 7, 2014 1279 54 79 193 534 14144 1131  ?
October 7, 2014 891 86 67 169 532 12982 307  ?
December 21, 2014 823 94 66 172 533 12533 326  ?
January 1, 2015 803 96 63 169 539 12216 346  ?
January 2, 2016 398 90 49 131 734 8001 126  ?
March 7, 2017 424 105 43 125 748 7327 394  ?
February 8, 2018 393 65 39 70 725 6383 110 537
December 13, 2018 382 90 37 134 1033 6088 133 249

--Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 13:40, 13 December 2018 (PST)

Happy holidays

Dear editors, I wish you all happy holidays and amazing 2019. --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 20:06, 24 December 2018 (PST)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year --Stephan Condurachis Icon-France.png Icon-Romania.png Icon-Republic of Moldova.png 06:50, 25 December 2018‎ (PST)
Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrates them, happy holidays and happy new year. May the game get such amount of updates as its Wiki :P --Icon-Greece.png Jimkats1 | profile 07:45, 25 December 2018 (PST)
Happy holidays to everyone! @Jimkats1: I hope not :D --Icon-Montenegro.png BogiTalk 08:59, 25 December 2018 (PST)

Icon for the airforce division

Hello everyone. I am working on updating the division and division battles, and would mean a lot if someone could upload a high quality icon for that division - Icon division Airforce.png - the icon is visible when you ingame go and click on any war, choose current battle zone and it is just next to other icons - Icon division 1.png, Icon division 2.png, Icon division 3.png and Icon division 4.png. Special points if you can upload them in the same size as the other icons are. --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 16:50, 9 January 2019 (PST)

@Andycro: The closest I've found is this, which seems to be the same as in the game's sprites. Should we go with this? --Icon-Greece.png Jimkats1 | profile 18:28, 9 January 2019 (PST)
@Jimkats1: Thank you very much, I also resized it so it looks similar by size, and the quality is not that bad. You deserve something special.
Slurp... You must be hungry after all the awesome editing you've done to this Wiki, have some milk and a cookie as a reward!

--AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png  Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 07:16, 10 January 2019 (PST)