11th United States Congress

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The 11th Congressional elections of the United States occurred on Day 340 of the New World. The following were elected to serve from 26 October 2008 to 25 November 2008.

Peregrine Leo Ruby Emerick Justinious Mcwalburgson III Jordan Miller Time Uncle Sam GeekyGator Desertfalcon chimichonga barbosa
Jefferson Steelflex Citizen HEM Rocco Baldelli Ron Paul Watcher McGivey Isac Newton Lukasz Makowski tdwester Profalno Andrus
Roach Joeph Cole Publius targumjoe Angrr miguelguerin Cj Will Win John Jay baus88 John Rockefeller
starrysothoth JJJJJJJJ Archibald LuLo Jason1 kingnikolas Illyana Vasiliev Pearlswine Jeremy Slider Royamen

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