12th United States Congress

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The 12th Congressional elections of the United States occurred on Day 371 of the New World. The following were elected to serve from 26 November 2008 to 25 December 2008.

AidenAstrup ProggyPop Emerick greecelightning Jordan Miller Troy Roberts Zudak MGC Laces 7 Boba the Fett denversbest02
denzins Joshua Tree Kyle321n jankems MascaraVerde KurtisWH scrabman joeyhens1 Finbar Azulos Paulanus
Angrr William Shafer Tyrsis Tiacha Leroy Combs Ice_Freeze Killing Time Desertfalcon Rocco Baldelli tdwester
starrysothoth NoneSuch Dragonknight M A V 1 C Illig INC Roamin Publius Pearlswine Currahee PrincessMedyPi
Tankshock Msuracer fozamilan11 flawedmatrix iduffee12 Cooper Jackson Soimu Patriei Ben P miguelguerin targumjoe

Note: NoneSuch and William Shafer did not serve complete terms

Congresses of the United States

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