1st Congress of the Philippines

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1st Congress of the Philippines
Batasang Pambansa.jpg
Term of office 26 February 2009 – 25 March 2009 (Day 464–491)
Members 1 President
40 Members of Congress
President Bunaly (NPC)
Impeached on 14 March 2009
blitzwithlimes (PFF)
Took over on 14 March 2009

The First Congress of the Philippines (Filipino: Unang Kongreso ng Pilipinas) was the first meeting of the national legislature of the Republic of the Philippines. The congress convened after the February 2009 congress elections, and served from 26 February 2009 (Day 464) to 25 March 2009 (Day 491).

The First Congress was a product of the Brazilian, Iranian, Turkish, and Hungarian PTOs. Much of the members of this legislative body were Political takeovers who looted the Philippine Treasury.

It was also first in this Congress that a Philippine President was impeached.


1st Congress of the Philippines
1st Congress of the Philippines.png
Government Opposition

     Nationalist People's Coalition (16)

     Filipino Green Party (15)

     Partido Nacionalista (5)

     Philippines for the Filipinos (5)