2011 eRepublik Rebellion/Charter

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Dear citizens.

A few moments ago I came back from what has been one of the most interesting meetings in my entire erep career. It was CP-only meeting in which (nearly) every president and/or important statesman of e-world was present.

After some time and debate, we came up with a charter, a charter that was drawn by us all and signed by us all. A charter meant to send to a message to the admin and tell him we cannot... no will not !! proceed like this.


The charter is the following:

Starting today, most of the Country Presidents have agreed to stop ALL wars, and start a “rebellion” against developers of this game / admins.

For months we have been trying to reason with them and patiently waited for all the implements they have promised. They didn’t listen to a single word we asked them, instead they have implemented rules with no benefits, or features that will ruin this game even more.

They implemented changes saying that the community asked for them (while the community didn’t), just in order to maximize the gold usage.

For months we have stood idly by, while they destroyed a once fantastic game, in the name of “the bigger picture” (exact quote) based on “metric measurements,” from where they’ve calculated how much money they make.

Sure, eRepublik is just a business for them, but with that thought they destroyed the basic concept of this game - the social one.

So, in order for them to listen to THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS, we have agreed to stop all the wars for an unknown amount of time.

We will not succumb, we will prevail.

They are here solely because of us, not the other way around - remember that.

This is our way of saying, ENOUGH!

-Enough of the headless chickens

-Enough of players who cheat, and win wars with cheated gold

-Enough of the unlimited WPs, and never ending tanks, who can out-tank a whole country

-Enough of the economy module that destroys the country income

-Enough of admin intervention as “greater-gods” … we are players and clients, not experiment-mouses

-Enough of multi farming and illegal PTO of small nations

-Enough of changes before informing the community (even before testing them)

Signed by

Krimpiekat - President of South Africa

shadowukcs - President of Belgium

Antiko - President of the Netherlands

Laya - President of Iran

TeMing - President of Malaysia

Kistru - President of Serbia

Gregory Gallangher - President of Hungary

Podkrepa - President of Bulgaria

Strumjanin - President of Macedonia

Kallmar - President of France

Zeix - President of Uruguay

Hector Malave - President of Venezuela

Yoman Kung - President of China

1shakalas1 - President of Lithuania

Ron Totonia - President of Spain

clopoyaur - President of South Korea

JaFe - President of Austria

Howly - President of Slovenia

Cerber - President of Poland

Koska de STRAH - President of New Zealand

Blagota - President of Thailand

Franchess - President of Colombia

Hinokai - Vice President of Australia

nicolas_vergara - President of Argentina

Fernando Sucre - President of Brazil

Jan Parma - President of Czechoslovakia

Tr3LoS - President of Latvia

gvstavo v2.0 - President of Peru

Erwin Schauman - President of Finland

Slayer10 - Vice President of Germany

Jhorlin - President of the United Kingdom

F4uc0n - President of Switzerland

o0n3m00o - on behalf of the President of Indonesia

Yuriy709 — Vice President of the Russian Federation

kualkerr - MoFA of Pakistan o7

Hans Molemann - President of Bolivia

The moi - President of Chile

Marcus_Suridius - Vice President of Ireland

Speedcat McNasty - on behalf of the President of the United States of America

alvarela - President of Paraguay

David Forde - President of India

Lawrence of Arabia - President of Saudi Arabia

Valnad - President of Sweden (in retrospect)

Dear admin: a clearer message can't be sent. ACT NOW!!!