2a Armata eItaliana

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

2a Armata eItaliana

Armata eItaliana.jpg

Salus rei publicae suprema lex esto

General Information
Founded June 2008
Disbanded 2012
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Colors Red and Green
Type Defensive Army
Part of eItalian Army

The 2a Armata eItaliana (2nd eItalian Armada) was an Italian defensive army. The unit fought only when Italy, or some Italy's ally, was under attack.


This army moved to Poland[1].


This army had a newspaper[2], however the last article was published on day 1054[3] by caleroide.


The 2nd eItalian Armada originally had three divisions:

  • Cavalleria Savoia.jpg Cavalleria Savoia
  • Corazzata Ariete.jpg Corazzata Ariete
  • Corazzata Pinerolo.jpg Corazzata Pinerolo

Later on, Armada was reorganized into eight divisions (each one had at least 11 soldiers):

  • Divisione Aves Antares.png Divisione Aves Antares
  • Divisione Piave.jpg Divisione Piave
  • Divisione Superga.jpg Divisione Superga
  • Divisione Trento.jpg Divisione Trento
  • Alpina Taurinense.gif Divisione Taurinense
  • Divisione Etruria.jpg Divisione Etruria
  • Divisione Brescia.jpg Divisione Brescia
  • 2a Divisione Aviotrasportata.jpg 2a Divisione Aviotrasportata[4]



The 2nd eItalian Armada, as the 1st, the 3rd and the 4th, was abandoned in August 2011 to give the way to the division in brigades; it was restored temporarily, along with the other armadas, in March 2012 until the introduction of the brand new military module. As a consequence, the eItalian Army was divided into regiments.