4a Armata eItaliana

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

4a Armata eItaliana

4a Armata eItaliana.jpg

General Information
Founded December 2008
Disbanded 2012
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Region Rome
Type Armada
Total Soldiers 70 in average during 2009
Part of eItalian Army

The 4a Armata eItaliana (Eng. 4th eItalian Armada) was a military rib of the Italian Army.

It has been created as a defensive military body, both on behalf of Italy itself and of their allies. The main role was to teach newbies to fight in order to make them skilled soldiers. When the players experienced and strong enough they advance to the 2nd eItalian Armada or to the 3rd eItalian Armada.

Inaugurated in December 2008, first General was Dudley, succeeded by LordKelvin, with two Colonels, Broc93 e Wolf89. Later on it was commanded by Caleroide and sbroccolo.


The 4th eItalian Army was composed by six divisions:

  • Legio Italica.jpg Legio Italica (I Legio Italica)
  • Legio Felix.jpg Legio Felix (III Legio Felix)
  • Legio Gemina.jpg Legio Gemina (IV Legio Gemina)
  • Legio Victrix.jpg Legio Victrix (V Legio Victrix)
  • Legio Fortis.jpg Legio Fortis (VI Legio Fortis)
  • Legio Phoenix.jpg Legio Phoenix (VII Legio Phoenix)


The 4th eItalian Armada, like the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd, was abandoned in August 2011 to give the way to the division in brigades; it was restored temporarily, along with the other armadas, in March 2012 until the introduction of the brand new military module.

As a consequence, the eItalian Army was divided into regiments.