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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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The "50 Most Important eAmericans" was a series of articles published by Lowell Kennedy highlighting influential and impactful citizens of the United States of America. The lists follow as it was originally composed as a countdown.

The List

50 – William Shafer

Among the youngest players to make the list, William Shafer is the General of the Army as well as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at present. He worked his way up the entire chain of command to be the leader of American armed forces. In addition to his military exploits, Shafer serves as a congressman from Michigan.

49 – Bl1ndn3ss

Bl1ndn3ss is originally from Portugal. Up until recently, he was the leader of the Democratic Party and had been for the last three months. He was the handpicked successor of outgoing party and country president Archibald. Before rising to party presidency, he was the head of the welcoming committee for the Democrats. He resided in Georgia and has since moved to Thailand.

48 – Alucard Bloodlust

Alucard Bloodlust is a world-renowned mercenary. He is not confined by borders and has played a very little role in the United States. However, while in America, he became the world’s first general during the Indo-South African War. He is recognized in the official history of eRepublik for the accomplishment. He currently resides in Massachusetts.

47 – Leo Ruby

Leo Ruby is Floridian politician. He was the last mayor of Tallahassee before the release of V1. He has also served a term in Congress. He is known for his fervent demand to stay in and/or revert to the Beta period. He has sought the presidency recently but was defeated.

46 – PrincessMedyPi

PrincessMedyPi is one of the most important women in eAmerican history. She was born in Oregon but moved to Icon-Turkey.png Turkey with the promise of success. After a brief interlude in Mexico, she succeeded in Turkey, becoming elected to Congress and serving as the party president of People’s Democratic Voice. She was also a presidential contender while in Turkey. She has returned to America and been elected to represent Alaska in Congress.

45 – Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Novecento

The world’s longest name was originally an Italian immigrant to the United States. He was active in the Erepublikans For Change and eventually was elected to a mayoral term in Sacramento. Additionally, he is a business partner in the housing, defense system, and wood industries of America. He has since moved to Austria and recently served as that country’s president.

44 – Kokach

Kokach is a former American military leader. He served as the National Security Council director, being appointed after BuzzyTheCat. He was also an early member of the USWP and served Congressional time representing them. He currently resides in the United Kingdom.

43 – John Dilinger

John Dilinger is a permanently banned citizen. The reasons for his ban are unknown. During his time, he was among the wealthiest American citizens. He was the owner of the Fourth Wall, the pre-eminent housing company of the US. His ban completely upset the housing markets and also upset the American economy.

42 – ExoM7

ExoM7 is a former seven-term mayor of Nashville. He also served as the party president of the GameFAQs (GFAQs). He later resided in Iran and moves around to fight in resistance wars.

41 – Kronas

Kronas is a politician and international freedom fighter from Boston. He has participated in a half-dozen resistance wars. He has served a term as mayor of Boston. He has also served two terms in Congress. Kronas became a UCP member after an infamous falling out with the USWP, especially in regards to Kokach.

40 – Citizen HEM

The Ohioan, Citizen HEM, was the twice-elected party president of America's Advancement Party (AAP). He has recently resigned the position. He was outspoken in the Evan Bayh scandal and, in part because of it, elected party president to succeed Bayh. He has served a term in Congress.

39 – Rise

Rise is a politician from Virginia. He is the founder of the Federalist Party. Rise also served a term as the mayor of Richmond. He was originally a member of the eRepublicans for Change (RfC), rising to serve as the party vice president.

38 – InfernoSD

InfernoSD is the top-ranked citizen in Icon-Japan.png Japan. He is originally from the United States. He served four terms as the party president of the GameFAQs Party where he preceded ExoM7. He moved to Japan around the release of V1.

37 – King Waseem

The Japanese political heavyweight was born in America. He has served three presidential terms in Icon-Japan.png Japan and four total congressional terms. In fact, his political beginnings can be traced back to this country: he was a two-term congressman in the United States. He left the country in May after his disillusionment with American leadership. King Waseem continues to be active in Asia.

36 – Lucios Nava

Lucios Nava was an immigrant to the United States. He established the Power International Party (PIP), one of the country’s first center-right parties. In the first election after the party’s formation, he led PIP to five congressional seats, including getting himself elected. Additionally, he would serve as the nation’s vice president. He eventually became a presidential candidate himself but failed to get elected. He has since passed away.

35 – Peter Green

Peter Green is an American politician and businessman. He is the founder of the US Green Party. Furthermore, he is currently the Green Party’s president. He has also served as the party president of USWP, where he developed the first party-owned company. He resides in Washington, D.C.

34 – Time

Time is the current and twice-elected party president of the Libertarian Party. In addition, he served as a mayor for 2 terms and as a congressman for 2 terms. He now resides in Florida.

33 – Lukasz Makowski

Lukasz Makowski is an American politician. He is the current Party President of USWP, the world’s largest party. Within the USWP, he has served as the Chief of Staff and the Foreign Relations Director. Outside of USWP, he has been a Congressman from Wisconsin, Mayor of Madison, and the US Secretary of State.

32 – Took Lowind

Took Lowind is a politician and journalist from Washington, D.C. He has served in numerous presidential cabinets and has played an influential role in the Citizen Expansion Program. He is also a former two-term Congressman and party vice president. In addition to his political contributions, Took Lowind is a well-known journalist in this country and he has focused his efforts on improving American media.

31 – Ron Paul

Ron Paul is an American politician. He was a six-time Congressman for the eRepublicans for Change. He also served as the party president of the RfC, where he was once a vice presidential running mate. Additionally, he served as mayor of Tallahassee.

30 – Diarmuid Trelsman

Diarmuild Trelsman, or as he was nicknamed, Diar, was an early generation politician of the United States. He was a Liberty Party member, serving once as party president and also as the party’s nominee for the presidency. He quit the game in May. He moved to the Czech Republic to die but has not yet because some Czechs refuse to let it happen.

29 – Rocco Baldelli

Rocco Baldelli is an influential member of the USWP. After moving from Italy, he was an early member of the USWP and, in part, responsible for the growth of the party. He has served numerous Congressional terms and he currently represents Maine. He has also served as the Director of the FBI. Within the USWP, he has served as party president, party vice president, and chief of staff.

28 – Vos

Vos was an immigrant originally from Icon-Sweden.png Sweden but he moved to America for opportunities. He was among the first immigrants to this country that made an impact. He served as mayor of Sacramento and bought California its Q3 hospital. He published articles in his newspapers Twisted Logic and Twisted Perspective, an English and a Swedish version respectively. His character is back in Sweden now. It is unknown if he still plays.

27 – TheSupernatural

The Emperor of Fungasms—TheSupernatural joined the eRepublik in February. He has taken the job of heading the Department of Fun, earning the self-appointed nickname. He has used his newspaper, The Ultimate Propaganda, for sometimes satirical articles like the popular “Who the Hell is Roby Petric?”

In terms of politics, he served three times in Congress for the Libertarian Party. After the Libertarian Party scandal involving Martin Sunter, he helped to found the Neo Libertarian Party. He has been elected a party president of various small parties four times and now finds himself the party president of the reincarnated Apathetic Cynics United. In addition, he served a term as mayor of Austin, Texas.

26 – Peter Gibbons

Peter Gibbons was an early American from Texas. He would use his newspaper, Austin Chronicle, to be a vocal supporter of the Korbin King and Nave Saikiliah presidencies. He served as one of the first members of the Department of Defense. He was known for his disdain for Canadians, especially during the Can-Am War. He would quit the game complaining about the war module.

25 – Joeph Cole

Joeph Cole is a politician and now a military man originally from Arizona. He served one term as the mayor. He also served numerous terms as a congressman for the Erepublikans For Change and then the United Constitutionalists. He is also known for shifting the colors of the old, generic beta avatar to serve as his avatar.

24 – Evan Bayh

Evan Bayh is best remembered for his role in the Evan Bayh scandal. He was also known as PedoChad (a previously banned account). Evan Bayh served as the party president of the AAP and founded the modern version of the party. He was initially attacked for his double-cross of Uncle Sam that allowed himself to become a presidential nominee. Then he would go on to lose the party presidency to Citizen HEM. When it became apparent that he would lose, he changed the party’s name and description to vulgar and crude dictions. The events were nicknamed the Evan Bayh scandal. The AAP lost some momentum due to the scandal. He is now banned.

23 – GeekyGator

GeekyGator was a politician from Florida. He served a term as the party president of the Libertarian Party, preceding Time. He also served as a Congressman. Additionally, he served in several cabinets. GeekyGator is perhaps best known for being an economic advisor to the president. After the emergence of V1, he has disappeared.

22 – Moishe

Moishe is a leading military mind in eRepublik. He initially became involved in the US National Guard. From there, he moved up the ranks and was appointed General of the Army. Under his stewardship, the military infrastructure underwent significant changes and updates. Numerous new initiatives were started under him and many processes were streamlined. In November 2008, Moishe resigned his position after a difficult relationship with Benn Dover. Just afterwards, he moved to South Africa. While in South Africa, he was unexpectedly appointed to lead the Army of South Africa. He has since returned to America.

21 – Maalygos

Maalygos was one of the first citizens of the US. He was a politician and successful businessman. He was the leader of the Republican Party and he ran for the presidency against Korbin King several times unsuccessfully. Additionally, he was a partner in the US News and Classifieds, one of the earliest and most successful American newspapers. He has since passed away.

20 – Martin Sunter

Martin Sunter was an infamous politician that has since been banned. He was at the center of the New Eden controversy. There were allegations and then proof that Sunter was formulating a plot to create a confederation among the Western states. He sought a secession from the United States to create ‘New Eden.’ Ultimately, he claimed that it was a joke. However, there was a falling out with Libertarian Party members who were already uneasy about his election to the party presidency. He also served as a mayor and congressman.

19 – Peregrine

The player formerly known as Peregrine is a former American politician. He served as the party president of the USWP during the party’s ascent to the top American party. He served as vice president and was a presidential contender during the first V1 presidential election. He lost to Benn Dover and resigned the party presidency soon after. He has since moved on and is allegedly involved in The Party, using the name Father.

18 – BuzzyTheCat

BuzzyTheCat served as the Director of the National Security Council under President Archibald. He has served various positions and been intimately involved in the military for months. Additionally, he has taken a central role in the Israeli independence movement with the Israeli Military Industries organization.

17 – Cj Will Win

Cj Will Win has served as General of the Army. He also has been a squad leader. He has been among the most important American military leaders. He had been involved in the Erepublicans For Change and served as a Congressman. He is now a member of the Nationalist Party. Cj has also served as a mayor and been in Presidential cabinets. Additionally, he is currently the ambassador to Ireland.

16 – Daphne Lilac

Daphne Lilac is the most important women in eAmerican history. She is both an experienced businesswoman and politician. She has been involved deeply in US government; she has served as Vice President and she ran for the presidency. She originally became involved in the Department of Defense. When Dishmcds won the presidency in June 2008, Daphne Lilac was appointed his Chief of Staff. When Dishmcds won his second term in July, she was appointed Vice President, replacing Lucios Nava.

After losing in her presidential run, she retired from politics. She has since married to Dishmcds and relocated to the United Kingdom to be with him.

15 – Esoom

Esoom, or Moose, was an important early American military leader. Additionally, he was a successful politician. He is perhaps best known for his role in founding the country's first official army under Dishmcds. Esoom and Justinious Mcwalburgson III created the initial military pay scale and Military Orders Echo System allowed for soldiers to know their orders. He did this by serving as the National Security Council Chairman for two terms.

Politically, Esoom served two terms as mayor of Austin, where America placed its first Q4 hospital. Additionally, he served five terms in Congress.

14 – Pearlswine

Pearlswine has made important contributions throughout his eRepublik life. For example, he served as the Chairman of the United Healthcare Service, the national gifting program. It was designed as the United States’ automatic gifting program, ensuring the health and creating high productivity for workers and citizens. Additionally, he has served as a politician for the eRepublicans For Change. He served five terms as the mayor of Springfield and helping to bring the Q4 hospital to his hometown.

Additionally, he has produced numerous valuable contributions with his programming skills. His work has sometimes been underappreciated but not here. Pearlswine has been among the most important eAmericans.

13 – Platonic

Platonic was one of the earliest citizens of the United States. He was originally from Pakistan. He helped to make his impact by helping determine the economic policy of the young United States by serving as an economic advisor to President Korbin King. His main role was to research U.S. and world economy in order to establish economic policy.

He was the creator of The Illuminati, a political party aimed at uniting apathetic citizens. The party hosted party members including Benn Dover, Dishmcds, and Korbin King over time. He helped to draft an early version of the U.S. Constitution. He also ran for the presidency. He has since passed away.

12 – Desertfalcon

Desertfalcon is a successful politician and journalist originally from Nebraska. He is the definitive war-time journalist of the United States, publishing articles in his newspaper Global Defense Report. He is currently the party president of the RfC, being elected after ThisGenMedia. He has served four terms as Lincoln’s mayor and in two presidential cabinets. Additionally, he is serving his sixth term as a Congressman.

He is also a part of the “Qualified Quartet” along with Justinious, Emerick, and Uncle Sam, a group that I have nicknamed as such because they have distinguished themselves as qualified for the presidency but have not yet been elected.

11 – Immunogenic

Immunogenic was the fifth president of the United States. Immunogenic came up through the Libertarian Party, serving two terms as the party presidents. He led the Libertarians to substantial growth during his time in party leadership. Additionally, he served as a Congressman.

His presidency was a caretaker term. Economically, he increased the treasury but didn’t alter the economy much. Immunogenic supported the established programs and he started to make more public disclosures than his predecessor, Archibald. He has since left the game after the release of V1.

10 – Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam began his eRepublik experience under another name, max power xivv. Everyone’s favorite patriot, however, was born on March 3rd. Since then, he has been an active citizen and an ambitious politician from the very beginning. Additionally, he has served as a mercenary for a couple months in the summer.

He became involved in the economy by purchasing the company that would become International Transport, a moving company. Eventually, he would found Harrisburg Bank with Benn Dover. After some clever financial transactions, he would build up his stable of companies to three. Today he is a partner in the Capital Bank of America.

Uncle Sam was active within the Democratic Party early on. From there, he attempted to run for mayor of Harrisburg against Jesus Cristo but lost. At the national level, he became involved in the Department of Defense under Dishmcds. There, he played a role in the planning the Canadian-American War. During the war, Uncle Sam changed his newspaper from “The Word” to “The Daily Wartime Coverage,” laying the ground work for his present, successful newspaper. He made daily reports on the war effort and also fought on the front lines mano-a-mano against international freedom fighters.

Additionally, Uncle Sam is responsible for the emergence of AAP as a top five party. He was desperate to get on the ballot for the presidential race. He ran but lost to Immunogenic. The AAP was returned to the leadership of Evan Bayh with the understanding that Uncle Sam could use the party again for a presidential run. However, Evan Bayh had privately made the decision to run for country president behind Uncle Sam's back. This resulted in a backlash against Bayh.

Uncle Sam is currently the party president of AAP after also serving in the same position in the Democratic Party. He has served as a Congressman. Uncle Sam has plans to run again for the presidency.

9 – Emerick

Emerick is a famous American that has spent most of his time in Texas. He currently has the most experience points of any American. He has served within the government and outside of it. For example, he is the Secretary of State of USA, the party president of the Libertarian Party, and has been an occasional presidential candidate. Additionally, he served as a mercenary for some time. Because of this, he is also among the strongest American fighters.

Emerick got started working in government by working for the US Unemployment Office with King Waseem. He sent out welcome messages new citizens and helped them if needed. In this job, he set up a standardized message with important information. He held this job until July of 2008. Another governmental job he has served in is the Secretary of State in multiple presidential cabinets. Additionally, he is the first Libertarian to hold the party presidency in two non-concurrent terms. Emerick has also served as a Congressman for numerous terms.

In addition to his political exploits, his newspaper, International Press, is among the largest in the country. It has 159 subscribers as of this writing. He is also among the key contributors to the eUSA forums. He also serves as an example as an active American, taking on an enormous role in the American forums.

8 – ThisGenMedia/TGM/Franco/Teacher

The player formerly known as ThisGenMedia was the seventh president of the United States. He is the only president to not be elected to the office. He took over from the vice presidency after Roby_Petric abruptly quit the game in October. He has served at various levels of the government. TGM has also been involved as a mercenary and as a successful businessman.

TGM became involved in politics by serving as the Chief of Staff for Dishmcds. He is responsible for the transition to IRC chat. This reflected his activity: he is still active in the eUS forums and the chat. He was elected to the party presidency of the RFC. From there, he served his first term as vice president under Archibald in July. He then served his second vice-presidential term under Roby_Petric. He then ascended to the presidency in the middle of October.

His presidency saw the regulation of the monetary market and communication with other members of ATLANTIS, which in many ways were the only things he could do. The rapport he established provided for an exemplary example for subsequent President Dover to follow.

He has since moved on and is allegedly involved in The Party, using the name Teacher.

7 – Archibald

Archibald was the fourth president of the United States. Largely absent from the public, Archibald was the quietest president ever. Some claimed that he lacked the confidence to make public statements about his decisions. But by the same token, he did not display the need for attention either. Perhaps this was reflected in the fact that his decisions were often practical and pragmatic.

His presidency featured a few very significant events. Economically, he was successful in augmenting the treasury tremendously during his single term as president. Additionally, during his term, the US Constitution was ratified, though today it is largely ignored. And the most impactful thing emerging from the Archibald period was ATLANTIS, the very alliance structure that finds us fighting today.

Archibald comes from the Democratic Party, where he served as the party president. He followed up Uncle Sam, after serving Uncle Sam’s vice president within the party.

6 – Roby_Petric

There perhaps will not be a more controversial pick than Roby_Petric. A Icon-Croatia.png Croat in real life, Roby_Petric resided in the eUS and was a successful politician. He was the last president elected in the Beta period. He was supposed to serve as the president when V1 and the chaos surrounding V1 were introduced. However, he refused to continue playing when the V1 era was introduced. He turned over the necessary tools to ThisGenMedia to run the country but he had essentially quit. This led to the infamous impeachment vote by the Congress that officially made Roby_Petric the first and only president impeached but served no practical purposes. The admins failed to correct the situation, letting the next presidential elections occur first.

Roby_Petric was from the USWP. In fact, he was a major catalyst and symbol of the party’s growth. Today, it is the country’s largest political party. He served about two terms as the party president. He used Concord, NH, as a base to help get elected mayor and then to Congress. Critics assailed the party as a bunch of “zombies” that used party-line voting in order to get elected. For example, they point to Roby_Petric’s election to President as one such example. Nevertheless, that underappreciated the fact that he was an incredibly successful politician that helped to shape and form the foundation of what would become the world’s largest party.

In general, Roby_Petric had the political foresight to be successful in this land of opportunities. Today he is involved with the new country of Croatia, his native country.

5 – Justinious McWalburgson III

Justinious McWalburgson III is a successful politician, businessman, and journalist from Florida. Additionally, he is the last non-president to make the list, which shows the tremendous impact he has had on this country. Undoubtedly, he is made of presidential timber but despite his numerous runs, he has not been elected to the highest office in the land. For now, his ultimate legacy is one as the presidential bridesmaid. Perhaps this will change in the near future.

He has served as the party president of UCP for some time, heading the party since its days as the GameFAQs Party. At the national level, he has served as a minister of foreign affairs, as an economic advisor, as a personal advisor to the president regarding various issues, including those concerning coordination of funds and hospitals. Additionally, he is responsible for the creation of the Echo Military system for orders and pay. There are numerous other initiatives and programs that Justinious has headed or played a part in developing. He has been one of the models for an active citizen: he is active in various mediums, be they chat, forums, or writing.

It should be noted that he has served as vice president for the country for three terms. Additionally, he has served three terms as a mayor and five terms as a Congressman.

4 – Korbin King

Korbin King was the first president of the United States. He set the precedent of serving three terms. Nave followed this precedent but no president has served that many terms since. Korbin King was the early leader of the Democratic Party. He used the party president position in order to become the nation’s president.

King’s terms in many ways impacted the course of American history because he set precedents and established the first programs of the country. For example, King is enshrined in the official history of eRepublik for the establishment of the Federal Reserve, the first governmental simulated organization used to regulate and stimulate the economy. In this way, he had a positive impact on the country. However, he did not maintain a surplus in the treasury because of efforts to stimulate the American economy, which negates an economic positive. His ‘Project Two Birds’ was a hospital-building project to help establish a high-quality healthcare network in the United State. It was not successful at its inception but helped to lay the groundwork for today’s network of hospitals.

Additionally, Korbin King was a successful businessman that owned multiple successful companies. King was known for raising money via his lotteries. His newspaper, OMG Magazine, was styled after a Second Life publication and succeeded as one of the earliest newspapers in the U.S.

Seven months ago, he decided to retire and die in Hawaii. He helped to personally finance Honolulu’s Q3 hospital and revealed his multiple accounts that were banned. He re-emerged around the release of V1 and moved to Thailand. In Thailand, he was elected that country’s president. He is still active there today.

3 – Benn Dover

Benn Dover was an early citizen of the United States and is the current president. He has served two terms as the nation’s eighth president, and he also serves as the nation’s third president involved in a major conflict. He has achieved success in all aspects of the game. In addition to his political exploits, he is a successful businessman building the nation’s first Q4 and then Q5 weapons company. Additionally, his newspaper, Consumer’s Digest, is the world’s second-largest publication. Not to be forgotten is the fact he has served successfully as a mercenary and has continued to serve as a high impact soldier or tank.

Initially, Benn Dover became involved with the business aspects of the game and avoided political activity. He started getting involved in the United States market and economy; first with Harrisburg Bank and later with Capital Bank of America among others—which is one of the largest SOs in the world.

Eventually, he became involved with the Democratic Party. He was elected the party’s president. He would serve three terms in the position. From this position, he was elected to represent his party three times in Congress. He also served as Harrisburg’s mayor for three terms.

He would become involved in the national government as the Under-Secretary of Wellness. He would briefly serve as the Secretary of Defense. He would also serve as chief of staff on two separate occasions. After losing twice in presidential elections, Benn Dover was elected to the presidency in November beating Peregrine on his third attempt.

He was the first American president elected during the V1 era and his presidency has been an eventful one. With being elected as such, he has been allowed the ability to create and shape American policy in ways that perhaps rival Korbin King. For example, he has established a standard practice for Congressional proposals that allows for efficiency in legislation. The major event of his presidency, however, is the ongoing war with ATLANTIS allies against PEACE nations in France. Initially, the attacks were successfully, but America has been pushed back to the original territory arrangement. Additionally, during his presidency, the dollar has weakened severely in comparison to gold.

2 – Nave Saikiliah

Nave Saikiliah was the second American president. And he may be the most polarizing person on this list. He was beloved by some and despised by others. Some have claimed he has the arrogance, the knowledge, and the lack of ethics to be a successful real-life politician. However, it must be said that he was a transformative figure in American politics. His approach set a precedent for the national government. He was the first president that advocated a larger government, in order to promote activity within the country. Additionally, he served as the nation’s first wartime president.

His political roots can be found in the Libertarian Party. Once elected the party’s president, he changed the name to the Liberty Party to disaffiliate with the real life associations of the Libertarians. He used the party as a vehicle to three successful runs for the country’s presidency.

His presidency will perhaps be best remembered for the Can-Am War, the first major war between countries in eRepublik history. The US sought to take over Canada and was initially successful. However, international fighters came to Canada’s defense. The war ended in a stalemate. Oh, Canada—how it hated Nave Saikiliah during the Can-Am War. He single-handedly defeated armies in the old battle system that pitted individuals against each other. One particular fight saw the two countries’ presidents fight with Nave Saikiliah emerging victorious.

Not to be overlooked, Nave Saikiliah was a successful journalist, often focusing his articles on economics or economic discussions.

It should be noted that he has gone through periods of inactivity and he took a significant amount of gold from the American treasury.

1 – Dishmcds

Dishmcds was the third president of the United States and he is the most important eAmerican of all time. He has served in leadership for the American government and also the government of the United Kingdom. Not only was he a successful politician but also a successful businessman and journalist.

Dishmcds was a part of various political parties during his time in the United States. He was a member of Jenkin and Jenkins, the Republican Party, the Illuminati, and the eRepublikans for Change. He served as the party president of RFC for three terms. He would use the position in order to run for the presidency. However, he was involved in the national government before that time.

Dishmcd initially served as a Defense Policy Advisor to Korbin King. He used the position to gain insight into military tactics before the early war module was released. Additionally, he founded the National Forums in order to send out military orders and fill vacancies. Under Nave, Dishmcds applied such knowledge as the Secretary of Defense. He served as the head of the Department of Defense (DoD), helping to create the most active program ever in America. Several influential Americans like Uncle Sam, Benn Dover, and Daphne Lilac would serve under him at DoD. He would use the position to help plan the Canadian-American War. He would resign from the position near the end of the Can-Am War and eventually become Nave’s vice president. From there, he would run for and win the presidency on the June 1st elections. He would be re-elected in July.

Dishmcds’s presidency featured the focus on healthcare and good foreign relations. For example, he promised to provide health care to all citizens in the form of the National Gifting Program. Additionally, he focused efforts on placing hospitals. Within two days after he took office, the US placed its first Q4 hospital in Austin, TX. During his term, the US ended up placing three Q4 hospitals in Austin, Washington DC, and Springfield. Another major effort was to build and/or restore foreign relations after the Can-Am War. He helped to craft the Non aggression pact between the United States and Canada. The contract made the borders between the US and Canada secure indefinitely. Additionally, the US continued the tradition of carrying a wide array of Mutual Protection Pacts to keep safe borders. Furthermore, he added powerful Romania as an ally.

During his first term, however, Dishmcds was tested in foreign affairs. Indonesia declared war against South Africa, which would give Indonesia access to the Western Hemisphere, something that the United States was largely against. The U.S. rallied to the defense of South Africa along with several other countries. However, the coastal regions of South Africa were lost to the Indonesians.

Colorado Savings & Loan was an organization that Dishmcds used for his America businesses. He was an investor in Mongoose as well. Eventually, he became an investor in Aurum, one of the world’s largest corporations.

In addition to his political and economic achievements, he was a successful journalist with two newspapers currently with over 100 subscribers. This does not include US News and Classifieds, another successful paper that he was involved with.

His time in America helped to usher in a new era of prosperity and growth for the US.

He is now residing in the United Kingdom. He moved there after his terms as president to join friends he made across the pond. He has served as a Congressman, Minister of Trade, and Prime Minister in the UK. Recently, he has married Daphne Lilac, another American. He has announced his intentions to leave public life.

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