82nd (US) Airborne Division

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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82nd Airborne Division


All the way!

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Type Airborne Division
Total Soldiers Classified
Part of United States Airborne

The 82nd Airborne Division was one of the oldest units of the United States Airborne. One of the original two divisions of the Airborne, the 82nd was ironically referred to as the "All-American" and has produced the majority of the standing commanding officers throughout the entire Airborne.


It was assembled at the formation of the Airborne and has fought in every battle since. Its most notable battles include the decisive victories of Central Greece and California alongside her twin division, the 101st. The "All American" division's commanding officer and executive officer at one point, oddly enough, were ex-patriots of South Africa (Colonel Krimpiekat and Lieutenant Colonel Dreamer_KF).

The 82nd Division consisted of four platoons which commanded ten troops each, including a Lieutenant and possible Sergeant.

Overview of the structure of the unit (last recorded).

82nd Division Rank Commanding Officer Rank Executive Officer
Division Command Colonel K9Fun661 Lt. Colonel BTTrambly
1st Platoon 1st Lieutenant Brickwall 2nd Lieutenant 29HEK
2nd Platoon 1st Lieutenant doki1919 2nd Lieutenant OPEN
3rd Platoon 1st Lieutenant James Strife 2nd Lieutenant OPEN

Past Commanders