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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

90+ Family Trust
Logo of 90+ Family Trust
Owner Paul Hamon
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Headquarters South Australia
Industries Manufacturing
Products Grain, Food, Housing, Transport

Working for a 90+ Family Company

If your wellness is below 40 and/or need help moving to use the hospital in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA or SA for healing, please contact:

Both of these businesses help Australian Citizens with rectify wellness problems, contact them and explain your situation.


  • 90+ Family PaPP Transport
  • 90+ Family PaPP Food
  • 90+ Family PaPP Weapons
  • 90+ Family PaPP Gifts (Q2)


  • 197124 90+ Family PaPP House

Raw Materials

  • 183368 90+ Family PaPP Grain (Q2)
  • 199698 90+ Family PaPP Diamonds(Q3)

Your career

Main article: One:Experience points

I am under Level 5 (25 XP) and I will:

It takes around 9 days of working and training plus having sufficient food to get to Level 5, at level 5 things start to get interesting. This is when you can first fight in battle and become a useful members of society with 90+ wellness.

  • Work each day by visiting My Places > Company > Work (1 XP gain)
  • Train each day by visiting My Places > Army > Train (2 XP gain)
  • Eat each day by eating, this automatic but you are required to purchase Q1 or if affordable Q2 Food.

I am Level 5 (25 XP) and I will:

By this stage your wellness is between 30-40, to work for a 90+ Family Company you need to have wellness over 90.

To do this you will need to fight in a battle (-10 wellness) and heal in the hospital. Q5 Hospital gives you plus 50 wellness when you heal.

Fighting provides 2 XP, once your wellness is 90+ you can fight 4 times per day when there are wargames on!

In Australia you need to move to New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland because these were the ONLY states with hospitals.

I am Level 6 (35 XP) and I will:

Once reaching level 6 you receive Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD, this need to be spent wisely, a house is a good investment.

We offer a special 90+ Family PaPP DIY House project, which can help you to get your own Q1 House for less.

Basically for 50% the going rate for a house, you can build it yourself, you donate around A$125 (we calculate this at the time when you apply) and work for $1 per day, we purchase 200 units of wood for you and in around 22 days you house is completed and delivery to you.

You don't have to pay in AUD can pay in GOLD, please send 90+ Family PaPP DIY House a message and we'll sort the details out for you!

I am Level 7 (40 XP) or greater and I will:

You are now allow to join a political party: 'Procreate and Populate Party'

The PaPP party will have the manifesto of bringing more players into eAustralia and helping new babies grow into independent citizens. Find out more about the Procreate and Populate Party.