9th Congress of the Philippines

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Legislative Branch
The Philippine Congress
Batasang Pambansa.jpg
Ninth Philippine Congress
Speaker Revilo X
Ariel David Buena

The Ninth Congress of the Philippines was the former meeting of the national legislature (Congress of the Philippines) of the Republic of the Philippines. It was convened after the October 25, 2009 congressional elections, which had replaced the entire membership of the Eighth Philippine Congress. Congress members of the Ninth Philippine Congress had served starting from October 26, 2009, until November 25, 2009.


Congress Member Region Party Votes Garnered
Ariel David Buena Palawan FPM 12
Revilo X Palawan KMP 9
Nikko_33 Palawan KMP 8
Hekter Palawan PFF 5
Cyber Warrior Palawan PFF 5
t0mad0ra Palawan KMP 5
Topy XYZ Palawan FPM 4
yujn Palawan KMP 4
thisisfcuk Palawan KMP 4
Ezio Auditore di Firenze Palawan FF 4
Shayn Del Rosario Palawan FPM 4
Rameses Palawan KMP 3
enitsirk143 Palawan KMP 3
Negosyo sa tao Palawan KMP 3
Rec Countdown Palawan FPM 3
Ryo E Palawan FPM 2
marxel Palawan KMP 2
Benidicto Powerlover Palawan FF 2
Xedric Palawan FPM 2
alroncrickers Palawan FPM 2
FrostMenyek Palawan FPM 2
Rita Repulsa Palawan KMP 2
GODD Palawan KMP 2
roymustang Palawan KMP 2
Carmi28 Palawan KMP 2
Kymomo Palawan KMP 2
Krizel Chan Palawan PFF 1
Kdblitz Palawan FPM 1
Teito_Klein Palawan KMP 1
cruelbear Palawan PFF 1
Awul Palawan FPM 1
Mr. Dimagiba 2.0 Palawan FLP 1
rara23 Palawan KMP 1
Anthony Antonio Palawan PFF 1
Slothen Palawan FPM 1
Juan de Minda Palawan KMP 0
Kameha_Joy Palawan FLP 3
Mario12345 Palawan FPM 3
donnatelo Palawan FLP 2
EZEX Lacroa Palawan FLP 2


  • The regions reflecting above only represents the Congress members' current location, not their representing regions during the election.
  • The last four members in the table are wildcard winners.

Election Statistics

05 seats (12.50%) 12 seats (30.00%) 16 seats (40.00%) 04 seats (10.00%) 03 seats (07.50%)
Party-Philippines for the Filipinos v4.jpg Party-Filipino Progressive Movement.jpg Party-Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino.jpg Party-Filipino Labor Party.jpg Party-National Filipinista Party.jpg

Reelected New Members
19 Congress Members (52.50%) 21 Congress Members (47.50%)

Qualified Candidates (Official Members) Wildcard Candidates (Official Members) Not Qualified Candidates Total Number of Candidates
36 (61.02%) 04 (06.78%) 25 (47.37%) 59 (100.0%)

Preceded by National Legislature of the Congress of the Philippines Succeeded by
8th Congress of the Philippines Ninth Philippine Congress 10th Congress of the Philippines

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