A.C.P. News

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Language English
Owner Mr.Crusader
Founded Nov 21, 2013
Subscribers 17
Articles 2
Content Political

A.C.P. News, founded by Mr.Crusader, is a small newspaper in the United States of America. Established November 21, 2013, it has published only 2 articles, reaching 17 subscribers. The highest national rank held was 2,158.


The Newspaper was created to be the voice of the American Confederation Party (ACP) directed by its party president and content written by the party's spokesman. A.C.P. News is directed by Mr.Crusader Party President and Founder of the ACP party. Originally it was named eCrusader Times.


  1. No. 1 Chance to be Heard
  2. No. 2 Win Gold Monday Night Football