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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish
Date of birth 8. April 2008
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Mayor of Soro
20 May 2008 – 20 June 2008
Party president of Danish Minority Party
January 16 2009 – January 21 2009
Preceded by HrBjorn
Succeeded by HrBjorn
President of Denmark
March 6 2009 – March 30 2009
Preceded by Grev Per
Succeeded by Lerdeif
Congress member of Denmark
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

A. Holst was a citizen of Denmark, journalist and politician.


A. Holst became Mayor of Sorø from the May 20 to June 20, 2008. He replaced Scherf, who stole the treasury and supported the Swedes.

A. Holst's successor was Hammarlund from Flashback Sweden (FBS). Flashback Sweden had noticed that A. Holst did not follow orders from the government, so they decided to get him out of office, and they did so by moving Hammarlund and a couple of other FBS members to Sorø and, as Sorø is very little populated, (At the time only 4 people voted at the local elections) so FBS had no problem getting a majority as Scherf was supporting FBS.

After the Danish liberation, he became party president of Danish Minority Party (former "Danish Independence Now" party), his goals were to get the Swedish government to give Denmark the parts of Denmark that Sweden had not yet given to Denmark, and if possible the Swedish regions Scania and Gotland. He also had a goal of lowering the income taxes on construction in Sweden, but that was not important.

But when he realised that most party members had moved to Denmark, he decided to do it as well and candidate for congress elections, as there weren't enough candidates to fill a congress he saw it as the perfect opportunity to become something major in Danish politics.

A. Holst won his first congress elections in Denmark, and manage to finish on the third place by the number of votes in Denmark at that election. His second election went also fine, he finished in the second place by the number of votes in Denmark at that election.

Very suddenly, the party president jakob tkg appointed A. Holst as the presidential candidate for WBP instead of himself.

This led to a presidential campaign with little political meaning, where A. Holst and the other candidate, Lerdeif from DKP and Tonos from The Viking Party, were writing one bad word after another about the others. 20 hours before the election began, A. Holst decided to stop the smear campaign and apologize for what he had said. A. Holst won the election with more than 60% of the votes, but one week before the end of his term he was impeached by the Congress with 14 votes for and 2 against.

Holst as a Noble

A. Holst was appointed member of the Awesome House Of Lords (AHOL) of Fyn by Denmark's first Captain King HrBjorn, A. Holst asked to be AHOL of Lolland, but just to annoy him Bjorn decided to make him AHOL of Fyn starting February 18 and ending April 23, 2009.

When it was about time for the second Captain King of Denmark Crillep to end his term, he didn't point out the next king as he should have according to the Danish constitution. As a result, Holst proposed that the Awesome House Of Lords overthrow Crillep. Crillep stripped A. Holst of his title as AHOL and one day later he appointed A. Holst Captain King of the Constitutional Timeshare-Monarchy of Denmark.

After one month, A. Holst had to leave his position as king and from that day he was not member of the Awesome House Of Lords.

An Unfortunate Businessman

A. Holst tried to run the moving company called DSB (Bought from Grev Per), but as A. Holst is very unfortunate, it took less than a month before he had to wave a white flag and sell the company.

Nowadays, A. Holst is regaining ground on the business front, he has started the bank AH & Co. Loan and Savings and has begun loaning out money, which proves to be quite profitable.

Quotes from A. Holst

 ...a vote for DMP is a vote for the destructio.... errrrr.... future of Sweden. 
 ...and in the end, the Swedes will sit in their cute little mountains up to the north and think: what happened? 
 ...this is a sign of the common Swedish megalomania (very high thoughts about one self, Hitler had it, Stalin had it, Sweden has it). 
 ...English please, if you want me to insult you or at least understand you, please write something I understand. 
 This just shows how much fun Denmark has, no one knows who is in charge and the only person that might be in charge ain't around. 

Master of Television

Inspired by eSVT (the first serious attempt to produce Television in the New World), A. Holst wanted to make his own broadcasting network, he renamed his paper to DRNN (Danish Resistance News Network), and began making DRTV (Danish Resistance TeleVision), DRTV was very popular in the start, but when A. Holst took a break (From July 1, 2008, until the end of October 2008), most people had forgotten about DRTV, and the ability to post Youtube videos in newspapers was disabled. A. Holst had a hard time making DRTV popular, but he was getting there, as the Swedish president Toothpaste was a fan of DRTV.

Even though there was only one DRTV edition a month (may vary), DRTV was the most broadcasting network (As everyone else has given up). In February 2009 DRTV has changed its name to DNTV (Danish National TeleVision) and DRNN has changed its name to DNNN (Danish National News Network).

A new series of weekly DNTV broadcasts ran from September 17th to November 5th. The new series was in every way superior to the past videos, better sound, better graphics, better intro and the 3 last videos were actual recordings of A. Holst. But due to the low number of viewers, A. Holst simply decided that it took too much of his free time compared to how much effect it had, so he made one last crappy video and proclaimed that it would take at least 6 months before he will make DNTV again.

Interesting fact

For fun, on Day 440 he created an unofficial religion of the New world: Danishism.


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