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Members Party-Aquila et Gladius.jpg AetG
Party-Bastardi Senza Gloria v2.png BSG
Party-Crescere.jpg Crescere
Party-Iniziativa - Every Single One.jpg IESO
Party-La Giovane eItalia v3.jpg LGeI
Party-Lux et Ratio.png LeR
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation ALCI, Coalition
Formation April 15th, 2013
Disbanded November 25th, 2013
Succeeded /

ALCI (also known as the Coalition) was an italian political alliance formed by parties who shared common interests. The alliance successfully elected four Country Presidents in a row in the 2013. Main objectives of the alliance were to make Italy leave EDEN's alliance and to plan an airstrike.


The first official meeting between Aquila et Gladius, Crescere, Iniziativa - Every Single One and La Giovane eItalia was held on 15 April 2013, when the Coalition was officially lauched, but the alliance at first tried to work anonymously from the rest of the community. However, the term ALCI (as that of Coalition) had no official character, charter or any official logo. The name ALCI was an acronym of the founder parties.

On 24 April Lux et Ratio joined the alliance, rising the number of the members to five, the highest in the entire history of ALCI. After the election of the Congress of April, the coalition had its first success with the election of Dark Thunder as Speaker of the Chamber, the successful leaving of Italy from EDEN on 30 April, after Romania's quit, and, at the Presidential Election held on 5 May, the first winning electoral competition of ALCI with the candidate Riccardo Cicca Cornara: his presidency focused on the neutrality of the country between the international alliances, while evaluating the alliance Circle of Trust.

On 19 May Crescere and IESO merged into a new party called Bastardi Senza Gloria, while on 28 May La Giovane eItalia, after some disputes, officially leaved the alliance. At the next Presidential elections, Castell militarista was the official candidate of the Coalition, getting also the support of Rinascita eItaliana, and beating all the other candidates. At the election of July 2013, Dot Hunty, supported by ALCI and Fronte Popolare, won against Yamisuke, the candidate of the newcomer alliance between Fratelli d'eItalia and La Giovane eItalia.

The Presidential election of August 2013 between Gervaz, the candidate of ALCI and supported by the Fronte Popolare, and caleroide (FdeI-LGeI) led to a victory to the first one, the fourth one in a row for the Coalition. Gervaz promised in his electoral campaign to make an airstrike during his presidency, a feature that was introduced only a few months ago, at the time, however his airstrike attempt against Colombia went bad and he resigned from his office. The next month the alliance officially stated that they will not run at the Presidential election of September. [1] The alliance started its decline, the parties became more and more disaffected about the alliance, until Lux et Ratio leaved the alliance on 15 November, [2] followed by Bastardi Senza Gloria on 25 November [3], ending officially the alliance.

All-time membership

The alliance was composed by the following political parties:

Party Ideology Orientation Date
Aquila et Gladius (AetG) Authoritarian Far-right 15 April 2013 - 25 November 2013
Bastardi Senza Gloria (BSG) Libertarian - 19 May 2013 - 25 November 2013
Crescere - - 15 April 2013 - 19 May 2013 (merge with IESO)
Iniziativa - Every Single One (IESO) Libertarian Center 15 April 2013 - 19 May 2013 (merge with Crescere)
La Giovane eItalia (LGeI) Libertarian - 15 April 2013 - 28 May 2013
Lux et Ratio (LeR) Libertarian Center 24 April 2013 - 15 November 2013

History of Country President Candidates

  Elected   Not elected

Month President Votes  % Party Supported by
May 2013 Riccardo Cicca Cornara 191 42,16% IESO AetG, Crescere, LGeI, LeR
June 2013 Castell militarista 260 42,48% Aquila et Gladius BSG, LeR, ReI
July 2013 Dot Hunty 276 47,50% BSG AetG, LeR, PCE, PRI
August 2013 Gervaz 263 47,50% BSG AetG, LeR, PCE, PRI