A Lena

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A Lena

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 1
Date of birth Oct 19, 2010
Residence Icon-Canada.png Whitehorse
Sex Male
Married to Trayker Houston
Newspaper Kazete in Brazil,
today known as
Vice Minister of Defence of Turkey
Assistant Minister of Education of Brazil
Military unit 'Blue'
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend XI
Legend title Legends of Canada:
A Lena Battalion XI
Aircraft rank Wing commander 5.png Wing Commander*****

A Lena was born in Turkey as Gornicetli.

He traveled to Philippines and decided to join the Revolutionary Socialist Party. He stayed in the Philippines for a long time.

One day the Unicorn Love Power touched Gorni's heart making him go to Brazil. In the green-yellow country he met Trayker, his wife!


Gorni has a Military Life. He was a soldier for the first time in International Brigades, the Philippine M.U. for foreigners. Back in Turkey Gorni has joined AHI and M.A.D., the renowned Turkish military units. And in Brazil Gornicetli joined F.O.D.A.C.E., the elite of Brazilian Army, where he was 2nd Commander.


"We are mad" was what Sehir, Wea, dick_dastardly, Vaako, yenicag and Gornicetli screamed on 14, April 2012 when they create the home of madness, a Military Unity M.A.D., a place where all the madness meets.


Today A Lena has his own military unit, situated in Canada, 'Blue' is one-man military unit.

The Wedding

Gornicetli has married with Trayker Houston, the Supreme Priestess of Babylon. Their love was written in the stars, was blessed by the gods. This kind of love is pure and true, is eternal!