Adam Sutler Multi Scandal

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The Adam Sutler multi-account scandal was discovered in January 2009. It was revealed that all evidence pointed to a large network of multi-accounts controlled by former Canadian Prime Minister Adam Sutler. Furthermore, many of those multi-accounts became high-ranking officials and respected users within Canada.


In January 2009, Adam Sutler wrote an article describing the activities of an alleged Canadian secret service named CERBERUS[1]. This confession prompted Augustus Baldwin to accuse Sutler of illegal acts and unconstitutional activity during his presidency. Baldwin decided to launch a full-scale inquiry into the matter and allegedly uncovered Sutler's secret multi network after questioning some of Sutler's closest associates. Multi-accounting is not a violation of the Canadian Constitution therefore Sutler could not be tried under the Supreme Court. Instead, congress exercised its right to revoke citizenship and stripped Sutler of his.

Alleged Evidence and Factuality

The Multi Account network has never been proven. However, an alleged multi of Sutler's, Clown Prince of Chaos, was banned for multi-accounting shortly after the release of V1. Cited as evidence, were similar mannerisms of Sutler and his alleged multies, and activity dates spanning roughly the same period.

Suspected Multi-Accounts

Some of the multi-accounts suspected under control of Adam Sutler:

Most of them have not been banned.

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