Admins have feelings too

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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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In Have Feelings Too (I admin ima dušu!), Serbian writer Nemanja Ciric wrote a sympathetic news article about the eRepublik admins. The article was originally published in English and Serbian in the newspaper eBalkanac.

Admins have feelings too!

Dear eRepublicans, most of us had wished all the worst to the admin at one time or another during our eRepublik life. Some of us are unable to eat our hard earned bread, others didn't get their medals and accompanying gold after completing an achievement while others still had their eCountries taken over by goons and lost all their money or lost their presidential elections to goons because an ill-timed ban of the only native candidate. Life is not fair and eRepublik is even less so, which somehow always results in the admin bearing the brunt of our anger.

But let us imagine ourselves in his shoes. The poor guy's sole reason for existence is to entertain our complaints and grievances day after day. He doesn't participate in eRepublik politics, he doesn't hang out in various eRep chat rooms or forums, he can't go where ever he chooses and when he finally does stop off at eCroatia for a bit of rest, he gets accused of favourism. Now he's in Belgrade in eSerbia and tomorrow citizens of some other newborn eRepublic state will accuse him of being a biased Serb. He is known only by his rather generic nickname - admin - and has no opportunities to express his individuality, not even in his newspaper (EI - the eRepublik Insider) which he runs only so that we can inform and help us. When is the last time we have thanked him for all of his labour and toil?

Well, the time has come to change this! I ask every citizen of eRepublik to put aside their rage, bitterness and other negative emotions and concentrate on th positive ones. Remember who was your very first eRepublik friend, who greeted you with open arms and accepted you when you first came. I ask that every citizen express his love and gratitude for all of our friend with a symbolic donation of 0.01 of your local currency. Maybe he will listen ot us more, maybe less, but at the very least he will know that he is loved! Admins have feelings to!

Send your donations here: I thank Stevan Mokranjac for his original idea.