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General Information
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Abbreviation Advance
Website Advance Forum
Colors Red, white and black
Founded October 2013
Dissolved 2016
Congress Occupancy 2/20 seats, 10%
Succeeded By The Lugangeles Party
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

The Advance was a top party in Switzerland, created in October 2013 to be a 3rd option for the Swiss people. Party lasted all the way until 2016 when it was briefly transformed into Alliance Royale Suisse and ultimately into The Lugangeles Party.


The Beginning

The Advance was born in October 2013, during the presidency of its founder, Alexandre Walen. The initial goal of the party was to create a 3rd option for the Swiss politicians, once Switzerland was divided between two parties, the Swiss Freedom Party and the Anti-Imperialist Movement. Due to the good presidency of its founder and the Rican's influence (which would become a member days later), Advance quickly became a political power in Switzerland.

Political Conflicts

Till February 2014, Advance has not been involved in any political conflict in Switzerland, however, due to the explosion of multi accounts in the country, Switzerland entered a political crisis. Dan/naD Wilshire, the President of Switzerland in March 2014, took Flag-Switzerland.jpg 800 000 CHF from the treasury, assuming the country could be under PTO (Political takeover) Threat, the Swiss Freedom Party accused the president of theft and complained that other parties were creating multi-accounts, causing a fight between Advance and SFP.

At the end of March, SFP reached 60 members, while Advance had 40. Both parties accused each other of creating multi-accounts, aggravating the political landscape of Switzerland. Different from the Swiss Freedom Party, Advance started to invest in ways to help the new players and at the same time discover what are the multis. This project started in April 2014 by Walen II and Black Whiter was called "Bottle Advance Project (BAP)", it gave social assistance to the new citizens of Switzerland through the "Tanker Tutorial" and reported around 150 multi accounts.

Advance elected its first President in May 2014, the term was marked by strong opposition from the Swiss Freedom Party. Advance did keep in the Swiss Presidency till September 2014. Only in August under Walen II's leadership, the party was able to decrease the tensions between the political groups of Switzerland, promoting public debates on important issues of the nation.


Advance elected 5 Country Presidents in 2014, being the Swiss party with the most presidential terms in 2014.

Date Country President
October 5th 2013 Alexandre Walen
May 5th 2014 Walen II
June 5th 2014 Walen II
July 5th 2014 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
August 5th 2014 Walen II
October 5th 2014 Uros012
October 5th 2015 Sheldon the Mad Scientist

Party Presidents

Date Party President
October 15th 2013 Alexandre Walen
November 15th 2013 Alexandre Walen
December 15th 2013 Rican
January 15th 2014 Rican
February 15th 2014 Fredegonde
March 15th 2014 Rican
April 15th 2014 Walen II
May 15th 2014 Angela Williams
June 15th 2014 Walen II
July 15th 2014 chris jonadicus
August 15th 2014 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
September 15th 2014 Uros012
October 15th 2014 chris jonadicus
November 15th 2014 Uros012
December 15th 2014 Uros012
January 15th 2015 saligio
February 15th 2015 Pedro Perales Escalona
March 15th 2015 LE0NIDAS 300
April 15th 2015 Shush
May 15th 2015 Shush
June 15th 2015 Shush
July 15th 2015 Shush
August 15th 2015 Shush
September 15th 2015 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
October 15th 2015 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
November 15th 2015 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
December 15th 2015 Sheldon the Mad Scientist
January 15th 2016 Alin Viezure*

* Alin led the party until August 2017