African Resistance Movement Military Division

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AK47.jpg This page has been saved as historical information

This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

African Resistance Movement Military Division

African Resistance Movement Military Division.jpg

General Information
Disbanded 2 March 2012
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Region KwaZulu-Natal

African Resistance Movement Military Division (shorten ARMMD) was a military unit devoted to defending Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. The unit was transformed into RECCE's at some point at the end of 2011.


The Headquarters of ARMMD were located in KwaZulu-Natal, Icon-South Africa.png South Africa. The HQ was relocated from Limpopo on Day 1253 after the region was liberated from Icon-Brazil.png Brazil during a resistance war started by Colonel StanEslah the Commanding Officer of ARMMD on Day 1250.


ARMMD was the military unit devoted to defending its sovereign land Icon-South Africa.png South Africa and to champion the cause of the oppressed by supporting resistance wars throughout the New World.

Due to the lack of seasoned troops, ARMMD acted as a militia and training unit until such time as it is powerful enough to engage in global conflicts

Oath of Allegiance

I hereby commit myself to ARMMD in the defense of eSouth Africa the support of the oppressed throughout the new world. I agree to work for the companies of ARMMD if required and will follow the order of my commanding officers without question, at no time while enlisted in ARMMD shall I take up arms against South Africa or its allies.

Breaking of this oath will result in court-martial and dismissal from ARMMD!


'ARMMD Enlistment Form'

'ARMMD Supply Request Form' (later used for RECCE's)


  • Citizenship: Must be a South African Citizen
  • Strength: Any
  • Military Rank: Any
  • Activity: To remain an Active Member the minimum participation standard is 1 Recorded Influence and Roll Call acknowledgement in a 14 day period without an official LOA.
  • Forums: you must register on the South Africa forums for orders and roll call -
  • Affiliations: Out of respect for eSouth African Military Units and Organizations, ARMMD candidate must remove any MU or Military Affiliation branding/logo from their avatar before applying for ARMMD membership.


Original - until day 1283 2nd Issue - until day 1317 3rd ARMMD Uniform
ARMMD.jpg ARMMD v2.jpg ARMMD v3.png

Soldiers Duties

Follow Daily Orders Check the forums every day for orders and only take part in approved battles

Supplies Request Supplies using the supply request form.

In certain cases, supplies will be allocated upfront. Moving tickets will be supplied if you are required to fight in a battle outside of eSA borders.

Roll Call Every week, Roll Call will be made, either by a message to your account or to your platoon thread in the forum. Please respond promptly. You should always respond promptly to any communication from officers in your chain of command. Failure to respond to Roll Calls or other communications can result in dismissal

Leave of Absence If you know you will be away and will not be able to carry out your daily orders and roll calls, contact your squad leader or Platoon leader and let them know why you will be gone, and for how long. They will mark you as being LOA so you will not be discharged for being AWOL.

Promotions Officers are chosen by the Executive/Commanding officer and are based on a number of criteria:

   * Activity level / Interest
   * Reliability and trustworthiness
   * Ability to accept and perform responsibilities

Access to Forums

You need to register on the eSA forums] to access the ARMMD group!

Orders and roll call were posted on the forums.

Follow the steps in this document to request access to the ARMMD group [1]


The unit consists of two squads consisting of a Squad leader, Warrant Officers and NCO's (non-commissioned officer).

The structure is as follows:

New Recruits enter The Academy with a rank of Cadet. After 2 weeks of preparation, training and passing the Academic Exam (75% Minimum), Cadets will be promoted to Private, issued an Official Uniform and will be assigned to a Squad.


  • Alpha Squad
  • Bravo Squad
  • Charlie Squad
  • Delta Squad(MP)
  • Zulu Squad(Academy)


ARMMD High Command houses the Commander in Chief (CINC), General (GEN), Lieutenant General (LGEN) each are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ARMMD Military Unit and to promote the ARMMD brand and image.

Strategic Command is headed by the Brigadier General (BGEN) whose responsibility is to update daily Battle Orders and Priorities for ARMMD

The Academy is headed by the Commandant (COM) who is responsible for monitoring, assisting and mentoring new recruits in preparation for promotion to an ARMMD squad. The Commandant is also responsible for developing and updating training Modules for The Academy.

Office of the Recruiter is headed by the Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) and is housed in The Academy. Their responsibility is to recruit new members and update the status of all applicants for ARMMD membership. (ARMMD is committed to never recruiting or poaching members from the eSAAF, Red Army or any other future Military Units established in South Africa).

Last known structure is as it follows:

ARMMD Structure
Commander in Chief
Ex Banned'it
Lieutenant General
The Academy Strategic Command
Commandant N/A
Office of the Recruiter - Chief Warrant Officer N/A
Brigadier General Joseph Rich
Alpha Squad Bravo Squad Charlie Squad Delta Squad
Lieutenant PseudoPumpkin
Squad Leader
Lieutenant niffobti
Squad Leader
Lieutenant N/A
Squad Leader
Warrant Officer
Gandalf the White Wizard
Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Jesuin Ashcroft
Peter Slim
Tyler Perry
James Kirkland
Aron Ochsner
John Von Machentrop
Don Vin

Military Ranks

Rank InsigniasPNG.png

Medals and Commendations

Award African Resistance Medal Battle Star Cross of Valour Wreath of Influence
Medal African Resistance Medal.jpg ARMMD BattleStar.jpg ARMMD CrossofValour.jpg ARMMD Wreath of Influence.jpg
Awarded for Liberating a region by starting a resistance war while in service of ARMMD Reach the highest influence in a battle while in service of ARMMD Reach the highest influence in a campaign while in service of ARMMD Recording over one million influence points in a battle while in service of ARMMD
Award Order of Perseus Order of Ares Order of Hermes
Ribbon Order Of Perseus.jpg Order of Ares.jpg Order Of Hermes.jpg
Awarded for Awarded to squad with the highest combined influence for the month Awarded to the Unit member with the highest influence per strength point for the month (Strength less than 2000) Awarded to the soldier with best attendance record of the month

History of Members

List of past soldiers in the unit is as follows:

No. Enlisted Name Rank Profile Link Awards Discharged Notes
31. 3 June 2011 Austin O'Neil Private Austin O'Neil ARMMD Private.jpeg
30. 30 May 2011 Peter Slim Private Peter Slim ARMMD Private.jpeg
29. 21 May 2011 SIdhilot Private SIdhilot ARMMD Private.jpeg
28. 20 May 2011 Buggzz Private Buggzz ARMMD Private.jpeg 31 May 2011 Resigned
27. 17 May 2011 Wilpanzer1 Private Wilpanzer1 ARMMD Private.jpeg 30 May 2011 Resigned
26. 16 May 2011 nerd101 Private nerd101 ARMMD Private.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
25. 13 May 2011 JeTTseTTeR Private JeTTseTTeR ARMMD Private.jpeg 23 May 2011 Resigned
24. 12 May 2011 driftf1 Private driftf1 ARMMD Private.jpeg
23. 5 May 2011 oamunozr Private oamunozr ARMMD Private.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
22. 4 May 2011 Lev Hilaciam Private Lev Hilaciam ARMMD Private.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg 3 June 2011 Resigned
21. 3 May 2011 Jesuin_Ashcroft Specialist Jesuin_Ashcroft ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Specialist.jpeg
20. 3 May 2011 Whiteheart Specialist Whiteheart ARMMD Private.jpegARMMD Specialist.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
19. 30 April 2011 Evilmac Private Evilmac ARMMD Private.jpeg
18. 27 April 2011 Trompie Private Trompie ARMMD Private.jpeg
17. 26 April 2011 Alexandra Prado Private Alexandra Prado ARMMD Private.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
16. 24 April 2011 Gandalf the white wizard Corporal Gandalf the white wizard ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Corporal.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
15. 23 April 2011 Ondinne Private Ondinne ARMMD Private.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpgARMMD Corporal.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpg
14. 22 April 2011 nicoveli Corporal nicoveli ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Corporal.jpegOrder Of Perseus.jpgARMMD Sergeant.jpeg
13. 22 April 2011 niffobti Private niffobti ARMMD Private.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpgARMMD Corporal.jpeg
12. 21 April 2011 Pin.Head Private Pin.Head ARMMD Private.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg
11. 18 April 2011 Tyler Perry Private Tyler Perry ARMMD Private.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg
10. 16 April 2011 Joseph Rich Captain Joseph Rich ARMMD Captain.jpeg
9. 15 April 2011 PseudoPumpkin Lieutenant PseudoPumpkin ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Sergeant.jpeg ARMMD Lieutenant.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg
8. 15 April 2011 Captain Ted Private Captain Ted ARMMD Private.jpeg 22 April 2011 Deserted
7. 14 April 2011 Snoekie Private Snoekie ARMMD Private.jpeg 2 May 2011 Resigned
6. 13 April 2011 Ex Banned'it Sergeant Ex Banned'it ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Sergeant.jpegOrder of Ares.jpg
5. 13 April 2011 joselos Corporal joselos ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Corporal.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpgOrder Of Perseus.jpg
4. 13 April 2011 Kostyav Major Kostyav ARMMD Lieutenant.jpeg ARMMD Captain.jpeg ARMMD Major.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg ARMMD BattleStar.jpgOrder Of Perseus.jpg ARMMD Colonel.jpeg
3. 13 April 2011 Tarik al Najar Lieutenant Tarik al Najar ARMMD Private.jpeg ARMMD Sergeant.jpeg ARMMD Lieutenant.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpgOrder Of Perseus.jpg
2. 13 April 2011 DavidBerkowitz Private DavidBerkowitz ARMMD Private.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg 27 April 2011 Resigned
1. 12 April 2011 StanEslah Colonel StanEslah ARMMD Colonel.jpeg African Resistance Medal.jpg ARMMD BattleStar.jpg ARMMD CrossofValour.jpg ARMMD General.jpeg