Agência Noticiosa Privada

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Agência Noticiosa Privada

Agência Noticiosa Privada.gif
General Information
Country Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Language Portuguese
Owner Gael Enterprises
Founded November 14th 2010 Day 1,088
defunct day 1,343
Content Economics

Agência Noticiosa Privada also know by A.N.P. or just ANP, was an Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese news agency. ANP serves information for specific customers not being of public circulation, the only customers are the partners of GEBS. Agência Noticiosa Privada is one of the world's largest news service.

The first press director, Dillian nGael was also the journalist. Gael Enterprises was the direct owner of the News agency.

History of news Agency

Agência Noticiosa Privada was created in 2010 by Gael Enterprises and Dillian nGael, believed to be the first weekly news agency on New World. Many editions after the news agency change the formula to feed news to is customers, was invited to put information and news in the form of the GE. At the beginning of 2011, the agency was managed by Henrique nGael de Sousa.

One of our most famous customers was Times weekly, an Irish news magazine that had a short life but was greatly accepted by the readership, and had won awards for the quality of contents.


The news agency ANP have a contestant flow of information that updates daily on the forum, just members of the Gael Enterprises Business Group have access to the news and information. The list of all services provided by the agency:

  • News from Politics of Portugal.
  • News from International Politics.
  • News from Military activities.
  • News from companies and economic groups in Portugal.
  • News from companies and economic groups around the new world.
  • Charts and graphics of market's (job, raw materials, products, and companies for sale).
  • Statistics of countries.
  • Information on business opportunities.

Most of these services can be provided by clipping since this way to present information is the most preferable by the board members.


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