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Not to be confused with a citizen with similar name - Agent Chieftain

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth December 1, 2007
Date of death Beginning of 2011
Residence Balochistan
Faith Dioism
Mayor of Taiyuan
June 21, 2008 – October 13, 2008
Party president of Stardust Crusaders
July 10, 2008 – August 10, 2008
Preceded by Senor Schlong
Succeeded by Dio Brando
October 10, 2008 – November 5, 2008
Preceded by GnolTac
Succeeded by GnolTac
President of Pakistan
August 1, 2008 – September 1, 2008
Preceded by Senor Schlong
Succeeded by Dio Brando
November 6, 2008 – December 5, 2008
Preceded by IRUKANJI
Succeeded by Sir-farzad
December 28, 2008 – January 7, 2009
Preceded by Sir-farzad
Succeeded by GnolTac
February 6, 2009 – March 5, 2009
Preceded by GnolTac
Succeeded by Han Solo
April 6, 2009 – May 5, 2009
Preceded by Han Solo
Succeeded by Dio Brando
February 6, 2010 – March 6, 2010
Preceded by William Walker
Succeeded by pak_land
May 6, 2010 – July 5, 2010
Preceded by Ahsan Shahbaz
Succeeded by ishaqueghani
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

AgentChieftain (Also known as 'Agent', 'Chieftain', or 'A.C.') was the Commander-Chieftain of the Pakistani Special Forces, former President of Pakistan and the former president of the Stardust Crusaders, author of The Trumpets of Dio, former Mayor of Taiyuan, Pakistani Ambassador to Sweden, Spain, France, Thailand, and the United States; Supreme Priest of The Church of Dio, Manager of PIG DISGUSTING™ CORPORATION, eternal servant to God Emperor Dio Brando, veteran citizen of Pakistan, and Agent BA-1 of the Elite Beat Agents.

He was known for being one of the most merciless debaters of Socialism in Pakistan.

 In the first place is agentchieftain 
 [T]hey really love this Agent guy...
Its not everyday when you see a country dedicating a topic to 1 citizen.
 I love pakistan because agentchieftain lives there 
 lol AC mite be my hero 
 AgentChieftain, you are now my BFF
 you may be in PEACE, and so my enemy
 and you may be a Dioist, and by all rights a heretic of Lewisism
 but you are, and will always be, my Best Friend Forever


 Agentchieftain is a man stick atomic fire balls up his ass, then it pushed hard and fast, and soon after you. I'm aiming to try and describe all the senior stuff. 
(Glorious Leader)
 AgentChieftain never has a dick in his mouth when his talking.  

He is known to be very open minded, but also very secure and thorough. Chieftain will never follow through with a proposal unless all possible outcomes are explored and tested and that the idea has no chance of failure.

Writing Style

While serving as an interim manager of ZA WARUDO, AgentChieftain developed his writing skills and helped keep the newspaper at the top. During this time, he wrote many acclaimed articles, such as his "interviews" with Presidents Ziggyzag and Kartalon. When IRUKANJI returned from his soul-seeking and masturbatory journey to the top of Ketu, Chieftain started his own private newspaper, PIG DISGUSTING™.

The Stardust Crusaders

Chieftain has been a supporter of the Stardust Crusaders, and has helped them forward their goals since the the founding of the Empire. He is one of the busiest men in Pakistan. Over time, he has been consistently promoted, from a trash-talker to a world-class journalist, and from a peacekeeper to a world ambassador to the president of the party.

Post-Dio Pakistan

When the V1 shift took place, the economic structure of Pakistan was vastly ruptured due to the new productivity formula. This, as well as a diminished interest in the new version of the game, caused the departure of most of the influential Pakistani, including JKD003, touchdown thurman thomas, and ultimately Dio Brando. In the wake of His leave, the remaining Pakistani sought a new God Emperor, and nominated Chieftain for the position, but he declined and accepted the lesser title of Supreme Priest instead, bestowed by the Holy Prophet Altnabla.

Military History

AgentChieftain has been an active soldier in the Pakistani Peace Corps. Rather than using weapons and threats to win battles, Chieftain fights with the power of song and dance, which usually causes his enemies to drop their weapons and follow his lead (If he hits enough notes correctly). He was promoted to Elite 300's Squad 1 in March of 2008, and later to the Elite 300's Squad X in April. He fought in every war Pakistan took part in, including the Pakistan-India War, China-Pakistan War, Slovakia-Czech Republic War, USA-Canada War, First Sweden-Germany War, France-Switzerland War, Germany-Poland War, and the Romania-Hungary War.

He was the Commander-Chieftain of the Pakistan Special Forces, one of the three branches of the reformed Pakistani Peace Corps.

Notable Enemies

AgentChieftain tends to make a lot of enemies, since he shows no restraint when he expresses his beliefs. Billy Bob Joe was known to show up without prior notice wherever Chieftain goes, only to disagree completely with what he says. He was once on Spain's hit list after calling Kartalon a silly Spaniard, and was on Sweden's most wanted for publishing a fake interview with their former president, Ziggyzag. He was an enemy of the former GameFAQs Party of the United States of America as well.

He has become an outspoken critic of the Church of the New World, and was considered an enemy of The First Church and Voltare. He also had a "trolling rivalry" with Aryamehr, who has picked up where Billy Bob Joe left off and tails Chieftain around in the game to take his opponents' side.

Personal Life

AgentChieftain lives the double life of both a soldier and a politician, moving from country to country to bring peace to the unwashed heathens of the New World. His hobbies include singing, dancing, cheering on Pakistani warriors, hating video games, and besting other presidents in the ring of honor. He has a pet opossum named Koroush.