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Rider of Darkness

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth 18th October 2009
Date of death 25th April 2017 (detected)
Residence Islamabad, Punjab
Sex Male
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
July 06, 2011 – August 05, 2011
President of Pakistan
5th April 2010 – 5th May 2010
Preceded by Pak_Land
Succeeded by AgentChieftain
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
5th March 2010 – 5th April 2010
Succeeded by Musluman
Party president of Pro Pakistani Party
15th March 2010 – 15th April 2010
Preceded by ishaqueghani
Secretary of State of Pakistan
5th Novermber 2009 – 5th December 2009
Party president of Pakistan Democratic Coalition
19th November 2009 – 15th December 2009
Congress member of Pakistan
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Senior airman 3.png Senior Airman***

Ahsan Shahbaz, later known as Rider of Darkness, was a citizen of Pakistan. A famous Pakistani Politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and President of Pakistan.


Early Days

During his early days, he was Party Vice President and member of Pakistani Republic Party. Ahsan Shahbaz is credited for the alliance between Diamond is Unbreakable (later known as Vento Aureo) and Pakistan Democratic Coalition. On 5th November 2009, he was appointed as the Secretary of State in the cabinet of Pakistani President Glade. On 5th December 2009, he was again appointed as Secretary of State, before he went on pilgrimage and took a break from active politics.

During BGBW's term as President, Ahsan Shahbaz decided to take a break from the world of Politics and went on Pilgrimage for sometime in the Northern Mountains of NWFP Region of Pakistan. He, however, returned back from Pilgrimage as a changed man. On his return, President Pak_Land greeted him with joy. Many Pakistanis Believe that it is due to his pilgrimage that Pak_Land was elected as president. He then contested for the Presidency and was elected in the next Presidential Elections.

Rise to President

Ahsan Shahbaz ruled under the principles of the unity among all Pakistanis. He believed together they can do wonders. His term was rather peaceful and was spent mostly on getting babies.

Exodus Era

Ahsan Shahbaz was appointed Minister of Social Affairs during Agabey's Presidency. During Agabey's Presidency Issue of allowing exodus to enter Pakistan came up. Ahsan Shahbaz and Agabey being strong critics of exodus warned Pakistanis to not allow them. However, the dream to invade India screwed Pakistan up. Exodus took political control which Ahsan Shahbaz earlier predicted would happen. Ahsan Shahbaz decides to go on a Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia after this to rethink his line of action.

Foreign Affairs

His favorite Cabinet Position is as Minister of Foreign Affairs and he has been appointed in this position a total of four times.

Governmental Posts (overview)

  • One time President of Pakistan
  • Three Times Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan
  • One time Minister of Social Affairs of Pakistan

Party membership (overview)


Ahsan Shahbaz has served in Pakistan Armed Forces. He served as a commander of the Balochistan Corps. He also served in the Special Services Group.

Ahsan Shahbaz also worked with his friend Raao to Establish the Pakistan Army, Pakistan's first Basic level military Force. He served as Commander-In-Chief of Pakistan Army for 1 Month and later Transferred the control to Raao.

In newer time, Rider was a Commander of a one-man military unit from Pakistan - Darkness Militia.


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Freedom Fighter (x2)
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Hard Worker (x14)
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Congress Member (x12)
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Country President (x1)
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