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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Mar 09, 2011 - Day 1205
Date of death 2012
Sex Male
Newspaper Progressive Gazette
Congress member of North West of England
26 March 2011 – 26 May 2011
Congress member of East of England
26 May 2011 – 26 July 2011
Party president of The Unity Party
16 April 2011 – 16 May 2011
Preceded by Iain Keers
Succeeded by Pineapple64
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Aidizzle was a citizen of UK.

Member of The Unity Party, elected in congress representing the North West of England in the UK. He was born on March 9th 2011 and was elected when just two weeks old.

 Why did I back the Unity Party? Was it the large vote and seat share? Was it because of the big saucy wiki page? No. I joined TUP for one very good reason, it’s belief in gifting and aiding new members. Rather than leave me at the whims of the market and armed forces, key members of the TUP taught me the ropes and aided me where necessary. The TUP also aided me through gifting on the forum. Without the TUP I doubt I’d even be level ten by now. 
(Aidizzle in his first manifesto)


26th March - 26th May: The Unity Party Congressman for the North West of England.

16th April - 16th May: The Unity Party Party president

26th May - 25th July: The Unity Party Congressman for the East of England

Career as a Politician

Aidizzle has pushed a hard bi-partisan line during his career as a Congressman, seeking to build consensus and debate and frowning upon party political assaults, even when made by members of his own party, The Unity Party.

Aidizzle's views lie largely in line with those of his party, with the exception of his views on the position on Speaker. While many within the party would like to see a return of a Minister of Legislative Affairs, appointed by a Country President, Aidizzle favours a speaker elected by all members of the house to serve all members of the house.

Aidizzle feels that the impartial nature of Sir Humphrey Appleby and Thomas765 during their tenures within the role of speaker have vindicated his view. Aidizzle also took great heart from the fact that members of his own party voted for Thomas765 (a United Kingdom Reform Party member) over a The Unity Party member, showing a cross-party backing, something he wishes to maintain.

During his first term as a Party president, Aidizzle acted in a bi-partisan manner on several fronts, assisting in efforts to defuse a row over a House of Lords Bill that proved contentious, and also working with the then president of UKRP, Thomas765 on Congress election night in order to successfully keep out a PTO candidate.

Aidizzle also brought back TUP Party Conferences and created the TUP Policy Book, where all TUP Policy can be collated and any citizen of the eWorld can view. This has had the result of two active conferences a month arising and the policy book getting considerably thicker as a result.

Aidizzle's main motivation is to do things to forward the United Kingdom, and his allegiance to The Unity Party ties in with that, but can also come second at times. Aidizzle seeks to build consensus with all those who are willing to work with him, and is a tireless worker against those who offer nothing but 4Chan putdowns.



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Congress Member (x4)
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