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The airstrike (AS) is a particular declaration of war that a country can use to attack other ones which the country has no border with.

Propose airstrike

Airstrike law proposal page
  • An airstrike war can be started by proposing an airstrike law by the country president or dictator, once the requirements of the law are met and the majority (50%+) of the Congress has validated it.
  • Countries having an active mutual protection pact can't airstrike each other.
  • Only the countries that don't have a border with proposing country can be selected as targets for the airstrike.
  • Note that if two countries get a border after the airstrike law is accepted, it won't be cancelled and the airstrike will start normally.


The airstrike has 2 requirements:

Airstrike contribute.jpg
  • The amount of each requirement may fluctuate from country to country based on the wealth of the country.
  • The funds are 'reserved' at the moment the law is proposed and they are visually removed from the country accounts. Then if the law fails they are returned. If the law passes the founds are completely removed.
  • To see how much each country needs you can access its military page.

The airstrike laws can be proposed only once every 14 days, but only accepted laws are taken into consideration; so, if an airstrike law is rejected by Congress, another one can be proposed in less than 14 days.

Each citizen above level 25 can contribute to the airstrike requirements by donating currency or food.

Energy formula

Energy units required = (country citizenship population + all allies population) * 250
Old formula:
Health units required = (country citizenship population + all allies population) * 50

Donating a Q1 food unit will provide 2 health units, Q2 will provide 4 health units and so on.

Currency formula

Law fee = (Icon - Money.png 1.000.000 CC + Icon - Money.png 100.000 CC for each conquered region owned) * (1 + (25 * number of distinct food resources owned)/100))/15
Old formula:
Law fee = (Icon - Money.png 1.000.000 CC + Icon - Money.png 100.000 CC currency for each conquered region owned) * (1 + (25 * number of distinct food resources owned)/100))


  • When the airstrike law is validated by the congress, a new war is started. At this stage the war follows normal war mechanics, this includes the mechanics around ending a war
  • The initiator of the war has the initiative for 24 hours.
  • If the initiator of the war does not start a battle in the first 24 hours of the War, a battle will automatically start in one of the attackable regions.

War mechanics

  • If the attacking country wins the first campaign the rest of the war will continue with normal war rules.
  • If the attacking country loses the first campaign, the war will be closed.


  • A country with no regions cannot use an airstrike.
  • If a region was conquered, it will only provide half of the bonus it holds (+10%), because of the Transport routes rule.
  • Unlike natural enemy (NE), you don't have to wait 7 days to propose a peace treaty, it could be done at any time.
  • Also unlike NE, there's no bonus damage. To get the +10% bonus to the damage, a NE law has to be voted after the first campaign of AS was successful.
  • The required items (food and currency) can still be donated after the requirements were met, that way they could build up for further use of another airstrike.
  • While a country is engaged in an airstrike, if the country loses all its regions, the attack will be aborted and the resources will be lost.
  • An airstrike cannot be proposed for allied countries. If an alliance has been established between the airstrike proposal time and the law finishing, the airstrike will be rejected.

Laws that can be proposed by

President: New citizen message · MPP · Declare war · Airstrike · Propose peace · Trade embargo · Resource concession · Leave alliance · Change alliance leader
Congress: Country donations · Minimum wage · President impeachment · Issue money · Change taxes · Accepting citizenship
Either President or Congress: Natural enemy
Dictator: Any of the above Laws except New citizen message and President impeachment