Akane Kawahara

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Akane Kawahara

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Nationality Flag-Switzerland.jpg Swiss
National rank 39
Date of birth Mar 09, 2018
Day 3762
Residence Chur, Graubunden
Sex Female
Political party The Lugangeles Party
Newspaper Nevergarden
Congress member of Iran
Apr 27, 2018 – May 27, 2018
Served under Democratic Liberal Party
Party President of Iran
May 16, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
Served under Nehzat Jangal
Congress member of Iran
Jul 27, 2018 – Aug 02, 2018
Served under Democratic Liberal Party
Congress member of Switzerland
Sep 27, 2018 – Nov 27, 2018
Served under Swiss People's Party
Ministry of Defence of Iran
Dec 6, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019
Served under Democratic Liberal Party
Preceded by M.Safari
Succeeded by j o k er
Military unit Helvetian Sky Pirates
Squadron Regiment 1
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 3.png Chief Master Sergeant***
Let's write an epic cyber history.

—Akane Kawahara, September 28, 2018

Binary search shall not fail.

—Akane Kawahara, March 17, 2020

Akane Kawahara was born in Hormozgan, Iran but later she migrated to Balochistan. She lived in a low-quality house and worked every day in order to become wealthy and one day become one of the dominating powers of Iran.

Later, in August 2018 -- while she was attending a congress meeting -- she had an argument in meeting claiming that congress of Iran is is a playground of kids. after a day she left for Switzerland and applied for Citizenship which was approved. [1]

She was consumed by a ghoul and after a while found her new identity Akane. She was Violet before the incident.


She joined Democratic Liberal Party as soon as she moved to Balochistan during one of the most critical times of Iran politics. There were some mistakes made by Congress of Iran, and Iran was in one of the most disastrous moments of all times. [1]

Her political point of view for April 2018 was to support fari.borzz for Country President elections. Based on his Progressive Liberal point of view to current situations. But her support is not only for her party colleague, but also for some politicians who work for Iran too.

On Day 3811 she entered Congress for the first time. On Day 3800, her newsletter tutorial Code Garden was endorsed by President fari.borzz himself and she were rewarded generously and has been appointed as Presidents Counselor. In May 2018 she joined Albus government cabinet and played her small political part as MoD Deputy.

Before party presidents elections she left Democratic Liberal Party and joined Shia Islam Party and nominated herself as party presidential candidate. She won Shia Islam Party presidential elections and revived the long gone Nehzat Jangal again. With White.Owl's invitation she joined DELP Again, and later ran for Congress, but shortly resigned from it and left Iran. After moving to Switzerland she joined Swiss Social Democratic Party. For a better chance, on September 19th, 2018 she joined Swiss People's Party.

Once again she returned to her homeland country, Iran, so she might start a new economical organization. At the moment, Aydin became president of Iran and she joined the government team of his as Minister of Defense with assistance of EHSANZ. By the end of her office she wanted to get some rest and work on her companies, but once again Iran got invaded by Anti-Asteria, leaded by Turkey and the WRM resources were plundered, this invasion was a part of WWVII. At the same time she found about PC-7 team and left Iran to Switzerland again and changed her Citizenship.


Her strategy in her early days lead to a great performance in her military unit so she was promoted to Captain (MU) in Persian Army and the leader of Regiment 11 where she gathered newbie soldiers and tried to train them in Aircraft battle for their better performance in future of Persian Army Air-force. On day 3795 Iran proposed an airstrike on Austria.[2] there was no response from Austria except on the 4th round where she was fighting. In 3833 Erepublik Day, she started her ground training with the full focus on Strength and Aerial Rank Only. In 3874 Erepublik day, she joined Iran Air Academy after former president's Iran Air Academy Article. Later she joined Swiss Military Academy based on aviation project in Switzerland.

Helvetian Sky Pirates

In 3957 Erepublik day, she organized a Confederation Helvetica (Swiss) based military unit and took command of it.

Persian Army Again

By her return to Iran before Day 4000, she joined Iran Air Academy and achieved Chief Master Sergeant Rank, graduated from the academy and wandered around, then joined Persian Army again but the training would not satisfy her.

PC-7 Team

One day when she was in a cafe drinking her coffee, one of her friends SaeedSalar brought something interesting to cafe, some pictures of Air Fighter team called PC-7 Team, and he said see how organized they are! as soon as she found out this Army is located in Switzerland sent a message to a friend she knew in that army and asked for a Citizenship and an invitation to the team.

She is currently part of PC-7 team and have achieved more aerial battle experience.


Akane is not involved in any economical activity for now.


  1. Continues Disasters of the Country