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Akki Hermitson's Universe
Logo of Akki Hermitson's Universe
Owner Akki
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Headquarters Kyshu
Subsidiaries AKU-Food Q1
AKU-Food Q2
AKU-Foods Q2
AKU-Food Q3
AKU-Grain Q1
AKU-Grains Q1
AKU-Grain Q2
AKU-Grain Q3
AKU-House Q1
AKU-House Q2
AKU-Moving Q1
AKU-Movings Q1
AKU-Airline Q1
AKU-Airlines Q1
AKU-Gift Q1
AKU-Gifts Q1
AKU-Gift Q2
AKU-Gifts Q2
AKU-Weapon Q1
Founded October 25, 2008
Founder Akki
Industries Raw Materials
Products Food
Moving Ticket

Akki Hermitson's Universe (AKU) was founded by Akki, and the main service of it was to provide grains to Japan. It developed into a large business, with its investments in different sectors of the economy. It had a strong root within Grain and Food sector of the Japanese economy, and Held the largest market share of Food and Grain Sector within Japan. It was under the same management as YaKuZa Network Corporation forming a single corporation, AKU-YaKuZu Corporation, forming the strongest corporation within Japan. Both organizations were under management of Akki. The Akki Hermitson's Universe has expanded from its creation now that it became a powerful group within Japan. It held most power within the Moving Ticket sector of the Japanese market and about 80% of the market share. The headquarter was located at the southern tip of Japan in region of Kyushu, Fukuoka.


Akki Hermitson’s Universe was first started as a small grain company during the time of economic depression in Japan. Although During the depression, it was met with the sluggish sale, and falling price, Akki Hermitson’s Universe’s First grain company, AKU-Grain was able to stand strong and bring in workers to work to keep the inventory filled and competitive in the competitive grain market in Japan. Using different hiring style of using cheap unskilled labor in abundance, AKU-Grain was first able to produce more than enough grain efficiently in very cheaply compared with the competitor. With early success, even in struggling market, Akki Hermitson’s Universe was able to buy off its competitor General Materials Incorporated’s grain company to control a larger percentage of the Japanese grain market.

Due to the fact Japan was in a very deep economic depression, Many companies were selling their assets at the fire sale price. Akki Hermitson’s Universe was soon able to expand into Large Empire of companies to become a big corporation in Japan with a large percentage of Japanese market filled with its goods. The first acquisition was YaKuZa Network Corporation, which the owner, who was Akki’s friend, gave Akki his entire asset for free. With this Acquisition, it allowed its companies to control almost half of the Japanese market. Soon after YaKuZa acquisition, Akki Hermitson’s Universe was able to expand its companies with added wealth, and Acquire new Q2 housing company under its banner. Together with YaKuZa, Akki Hermitson’s Universe became the new corporate Giant within Japan.

It was rapidly growing even bigger, to become one of the greatest and most active corporations in Japan. AKU became the trademark, and brand name of all companies under Akki Hermitson’s Universe Umbrella, and YaKuZa remained a brand name of all companies under YaKuZa Network Corporation. However, both companies are both managed and financed together, and were treated equally.

Akki Hermitson's Universe has the most of its success from the food and grain industries, and it was the organization's strongest, and most profitable companies. It owned 4 companies for food, and three companies for grain. Much of the early success of Akki Hermitson's Universe was due to the strong leadership, which created the organization active, and aggressive in the competitive market of Japan. Also, Akki Hermitson's Universe aggressively cut the running cost of the companies to keep the cost of the final product low and lower the price below the competitors. The organization offered the cheapest food and grain within Japan, and most competitors are usually unable to match the pricing of its product. There were many business practices which Akki undertook, which made the company successful, and most powerful of Japan, including:

  • Vertical integration: Akki was creating companies in both the manufacturing and raw material field to create his products cheapest and efficiently without middleman collecting profit from them. Akki utilized this tactic very well in food and grain sector, which significantly lowered cost of his end product compared to his competitor, due to the guaranteed supply of raw material, and by inflating the price of raw material when being sold to his competitors.
  • Horizontal Integration: Akki was remembered for monopoly, where organization controlled sector of the economy, to gather as much profit as possible, while still retaining fair cost, for the public to enjoy. These tactics were used to its best in the grain sector of the economy when He had bought up his competitors to completely control the whole grain industry of Japan for quite significant time. He was able to inflate the price of grain sold to his competitors in the food industry, while using the profit from them to cancel his own companies' grain cost to virtually zero, allowing his food companies to enjoy the low cost, high profit, and high wages for his employees.
  • Rate Wars: The giant Akki Hermitson's Universe was able to withstand short-term losses by cutting the price of products, and raising the wages; smaller competitors could not keep pace and either went out of business, sold to Akki, or closed down temporally.
  • Patron: Akki was also remembered for teaming up with other smaller businesses to try to curb the power of the rival business corporation that held a strong stake in the area of economy Akki Hermitson's Universe is focused on. In some cases, Akki lent some monetary aid or raw material aid to other smaller companies in Japan to help them compete in the market to undercut his rivals. In many cases, Akki is well known for helping people with smaller companies by offering them counselling on some style of management that is beneficial or by offering some suggestion to help make them profitable.

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