Alay kay Juan Foundation

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Alay Kay Juan Foundation
Logo of Alay Kay Juan Foundation
Owner Prince Terence II
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Headquarters Mindanao
Subsidiaries Bigas Philippines
Founded June 4, 2009
Founder Prince Terence I
Industry Raw materials
Products Grain
Services Charity
Colours Black and White

Alay kay Juan Foundation (English: Care for John Foundation) is a charitable institution and business organization located in Mindanao, Philippines. It was founded by Prince Terence I in June 4, 2009.

About the Foundation

The Alay for Juan Foundation was initially a non-profit organization that aids the starving people of the Philippines. But with venture in business through the acquisition of Bigas Philippines, the Alay kay Juan Foundation became a semi-profit organization.

Choosing the Name

The name Alay kay Juan Foundation is a Tagalog name. The words "Alay" and "kay" are both Tagalog words that means "Care" and "for" respectively. The name Juan is not a reference of the person to be cared for but a reference to the Filipino People. Juan, or Juan dela Cruz to be precise, is the national personification of the Philippines, just like Uncle Sam of the United States of America. So when we refer whom we care for, we refer it for Juan... for the Philippines.

Mission of the Foundation

The Mission of the Alay Kay Juan Foundation is to uplift the wellness of every Filipino, especially the starving and the dying ones and to provide every Filipino a job.

Vision of the Foundation

The Vision of the Alay Kay Juan Foundation is to see a starving-free and a dying-free, and a jobless-free Philippines.

Shift of Administration

After Prince Terence I died in September 12, 2009, the administration foundation was passed on to Prince Terence's son, Prince Terence II.

Acquisition of Bigas Philippines

On December 19, 2009, Prince Terence II acquired Mandumol Inc and Mandumol Grains from Babui. Alay kay Juan Foundation took the managing of Mandumol Grains from Mandumol Inc. Mandumol Grains was then renamed to Bigas Philippines.

However, in February 2010, Bigas Philippines was sold for Icon-gold.gif 17 GOLD as the company was not earning.

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