Albanian Avengers

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Albanian Avengers

Albanian Avengers.jpg

If we can not defend it, we will as hell avenge it!

General Information
Country Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
Region Tirana
Total Soldiers 301
Commanded by drenkrasniqi

The Albanian Avengers military unit was created in May 2012 during a time when Albania was divided and conquered by Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The four creators were freeman292, Kevin Llanaj, Elvis Dura and Irdi Balla.

The purpose of the Military Unit was to find a group of people who were eager to fight and not just stand waiting for something to happen and save Albania. When the Albania was restored, unit continue to grow by number of soldiers, and today it is one of the largest in Albania.


The first Commander was Kevin Llanaj because at the time he was the strongest and highest ranked. After the loss of the accounts due to some IP problems many of the original accounts were lost. Two of the founders Kevin Llanaj and Irdi Balla don't have their original accounts anymore and today are known as Ramesses14 and The Revenge 11.

At the end of the 2012, the commander was The Revenge 11, his 2nd Commander is freeman292, while the captain of 1st Regiment is Elvis Dura.

In May 2015, the unit has more than 300 members, 11 regiments, and it is commanded by drenkrasniqi.