Aldous Zamiatin

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth November 18 2009
Date of death July 02 2012
Congress member of Belgium
Minister of Interior of Belgium
Party president of Res Belgica
16 May 2010 –
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Aldous Zamiatin arrived in Flanders, Belgium in November 2009. Main interests in politics and mentoring younger players. Supporter of fair and honest politics.

Political Carreer

Function Period
Commissioner for Health&Social Services for the BRP December 2009 - March 2010
Observing Party President of the BRP under PP Kheops December 2009 - January 2010
Party President of Res Belgica February 16 2010 - March 15 2010
Belgian Minister of Home Affairs under CP Elynea March 6 2010 - April 5 2010
Res Belgica Congressman for Brussels April 26 2010 - May 25 2010
Member of the Belgian MoHA team under CP Apotygma May 6 2010 - June 6 2010
Party President of Res Belgica May 16 2010 - June 15 2010
Res Belgica Congressman for Flanders May 26 2010 - June 25 2010
Independent Congressman for Brussels November 26 2010 - December 25 2010

In the end of June 2010 Zamiatin left the political scene and took off on a spiritual journey, leading a life of anonymity and trying to find answers to the fundamental questions of existence in the chaos of V2. In the following months he has been spotted in Ukraine, USA, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia.

Return to Belgium

Since October 2010 Zamiatin is back in Belgium, but hasn't been remarkably active, living mostly in the shadows as a two-clickers, possibly preparing for world domination. Or not. In November 2010 Zamiatin participated in the Big Brother project (organized by Zuble], where in the preselection he ended second, qualifying for the finals thanks to the massive support of friends and sympathizers in Belgium and abroad. Due to personal reasons, Zuble didn't continue the project, and the Big Brother finals were postponed to an undefined later date.

The End

Aldous Zamiatin went like he lived, generous, he sold all his possessions and gave, as far as we know, every Be citizen a part of this.

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Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

 On June the 27th, a well-known figure among the two-clicking community of Belgium continued his teachings of wellness preservation and training duties. He told tales of the days in which Belgium did not care for its masses, nor did it enjoy the freedom it has today.

Sitting in a Brussels library, Aldous the Meek had a vision. He saw that one day, Belgium will be a strong, vibrant community of active politicians, business tycoons, and military heroes. He said that he will shepherd those that follow his teachings and will teach them the way of the Zamiatin.

Following his lecture in Brussels, he announced to his fellow countrymen on June the 28th that he would embark on a vision quest. That upon his return, Belgium will benefit from his leanings and infinite wisdom.

So, we as Belgians, are to wait for the return of Aldous the Meek. We must present ourselves worthy of his wisdom upon his arrival. Will you be here to witness the rebirth of Belgium and the return of Aldous the Meek. Mark your calendars as word has it that He will be seen once again in the month of August. 


One day, The Meek was walking through the forest of chaos. He walked silently since his holy feet barely touch the ground in order not to smear his pureness. Suddenly he saw a man. It was a young man, seemingly desperate, shedding in tears, shouting out in pain. Aldous The Meek came nearer and put his holy hand on the poor man's head. "What's the problem, my young child?" he asked.

The man answered his fingers hurt. His fingers hurt of clicking 2 times a day. He said he needed more practice in order to survive in Belgium. Belgium's Holyness put his hand behind his back, looked to the sky and what apparently looked like magic, 10 gifts and 3 breads, warm from the bakery appeared. "Register" he said, "Register on the Belgian forum and thou shall be enlightened with skill and knowledge to fulfill your destiny in Belgium."

The Meek handed over the shiny gifts and the flaming hot bread and the man stood up. He looked right into the eyes of The Meek. They stood there for 5 seconds. The man put a smile on his face and kneeled for Aldous The Meek. The Holy Spiritual Leader put his soft hands on the man's shoulder. "Stand up" he said. And the man stood up. "I shall treat you as equal. Follow the words of Zamiatinism, spread my word as Beerist and do it with honor."

The man turned around, took a walk into the nearest pub, ordered a beer, registered on the forum and carried the light of The Holy Aldous. 


In Flanders, there has walked a man
Whose countenance is meek,
Devoting all his eLifespan
To shepherding the weak.

He fed the poor, increased their health,
And fought for them each day.
He did not look for his own wealth
But chose a kinder way.

He left us on a vision quest
For wisdom he could share.
He seeks for all the very best.
His light is everywhere.

They say our Aldous will return
To those who love his name.
May our devotion ever burn!
To others spread his fame!


On Day 1,263 Mike had awoken , the exact instant he had returned he became confused. "Who am these new faces? What as happened to the people i used to know? A war with the UK?! , Can i ever get used to Belgium again?"

Then out of the darkness he heard a familiar voice..... "You have been gone for 3 months Mike Wooldridge , a lot of things have changed since you dissapeared , come sit with me , have yourself an ice cold Beer to calm your nerves"

Mike could not believe what he was seeing , it was Aldous the Meek! "Aldous why do you honour me with your presence? I do not deserve it"

"Because Mike you am an Belgian in need of guidance"

Sipping my Beer , Mike silently said "But Aldous i don't know if i want to remain an Belgian , i don't feel like i fit in anymore , so much as changed........should i stay or should i go oh wise Aldous?"

"I can't give you the answer Mike , that you must figure out yourself , but i shall give you the tools so you may gain the answer. Have another Beer , and once you have finished that one have another , keep drinking until you can't drink anymore , then you will gain your answer"

Mike nodded his head down "Thankyou Aldous you are forever wise......." Lifting his head up Aldous had gone , what he said echoed in Mikes mind , so he had a drink then after that one he had another , many more followed , and then all went Black......

He opened his eyes , it was bright , the heat was unbearable , and he was lying on a beach , it seemed only a few hours since he had seen Aldous , but now it was obvious that it had been a lot longer.

"Were the hell am i?" Mike looked around for evidence of his location , people on the beach was wearing shirts with a flag on them , he couldn't make out what the flag was , and then it dawned on him were he was....

"Brazil!? what the hell , how did i get here" He went to the City Hall to figure out how he had got here , and then found out that he had also applied for Citizenship in Brazil!

He was trapped in a strange new country , Mike had always wanted to move to Brazil in the hope it would help him with his Portugese , but he realised this wasn't what he wanted , he wanted to be in Belgium. Mike managed to get in touch with Critically , and he told him how to get out of his citizenship request.

He caught the first flight possible out of Brazil and returned to his beloved Flanders , then walked into his house and took a shower , leaving the shower with the towel wrapped around him , when all of a sudden Aldous appeared , Mike jumped back almost dropping his towel.

"Aldous why did you give me all them Beers if you knew i was going to end up in a strange place with no way back?"

Aldous pulled out a seat and Mike sat down , he began explaining his reason for getting Mike drunk.

"You needed an answer , i was just giving you the tools to get that answer , you went to Brazil because you thought you wanted to leave Belgium , but when you arrived in Brazil , you realized the answer was that you wanted to stay in Belgium and be an Belgian...... You make mistakes when you are drunk and for you that mistake was leaving Belgium.....So now you have your answer , you am Belgian"

Aldous smiled and in a flash he had gone , leaving Mike with a settled mindset of what he wanted to do.