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Οι Ειδοποιήσεις ενημερώνουν τον παίχτη για συγκεκριμένα γεγονότα-δράσεις. Για να δείτε τις Ειδοποιήσεις, πατήστε το Alert icon.jpg εικονίδιο στο κάτω μέρος της Επισκόπησης Προφίλ.

Ειδοποιήσεις Αγοράς

  • Οι Νομισματικές Προσφορές λήγουν μετά από 10 ημέρες και αφαιρούνται αυτόματα. Ο παίχτης λαμβάνει μία ειδοποίηση που αναγράφει:
    Η Νομισματική σας προσφορά ανταλλαγής που συνίσταται από ( αξία ) ( νόμισμα ) με συναλλαγματική ισοτιμία 1 ( νόμισμα ) = x ( νόμισμα ) έληξε και τα χρήματα επεστράφησαν στον λογαριασμό σας. Επισκεφθείτε ξανά την Νομισματική Αγορά για να τοποθετήσετε νέα προσφορά.
  • Αφού πατηθεί το κουμπί 'αγορά', τα χρήματα μεταφέρονται ανάμεσα στους δύο λογαριασμούς. Ο λογαριασμός προέλευσης της προσφοράς, λαμβάνει μια ειδοποίηση που αναφέρει:
    Σε ενημερώνουμε ότι τα ( χ νόμισμα ) πωλήθηκαν για ( ψ νόμισμα ) από ( λογαριασμός ) με βάση την προσφορά που αναρτήθηκε στη νομισματική αγορά

Ειδοποιήσεις Φίλων

  • Εάν κάποιος χρήστης ολοκλήρωση την εγγραφή και γίνει πολίτης του eRepublik, τότε μία ειδοποίηση αποστέλλεται στον πολίτη που τον προσκάλεσε:
    Ο ( όνομα ) εγγράφηκε στο eRepublik. Μπορείς να επισκεφθείς το προφίλ του/της και εάν επιθυμείς να τον/την προσθέσεις ως φίλο.
  • When you receive a friendship request:
    ( citizen ) wants to add you to his / her friends list. Do you accept? 'YES' – 'NO'.
  • Friendship confirmation:
    ( citizen ) has accepted your friendship request.
  • Friendship rejected:
    ( citizen ) has rejected your friendship request.
  • Friend removal:
    Unfortunately, you have been removed by ( citizen ) from his / her friends list.
  • Invitee Reward:

Good news! You just made ( value ) gold because your friend ( citizen) was awarded with an amount of Gold from eRepublik. Collect your Gold bonus within 30 days!.
A citizen you have invited has bought gold. You can collect x gold by going to the Collect Gold page.

Political Alerts

  • When a law is proposed all the Members of Congress and the President receive an alert :
    A new law proposal is now waiting for the Congress vote. To debate on this situation and to place your vote you can access the law proposal page.
  • If the president proposes a peace treaty, the Congress will receive the fallowing alert:
    The President of your country proposed a Peace proposal. To debate on this situation and to place your vote you can access the law proposal page.
    • If the Congress Rejects the proposal then the alert is sent to the President who proposed the law and to his Members of Congress:
      The peace treaty conditions were rejected by the enemy Congress.
    • If the Congress approves the proposal, the enemy Members of Congress will receive an alert:
      The President of ( country ) proposed a peace treaty. To debate on this situation and to place your vote you can access the law proposal page.
      • If the enemy Congress approves the peace treaty:
        The peace treaty conditions were approved by the enemy Congress.
  • When a president wants to declares war to another country, an alert should be sent to all Members of Congress in his country and to the President and Congress Members of the country he plans to attack:
    The President of ( country ) proposed a war to ( country ) and now it needs the Congress approval. To debate on this situation and to place your vote you can access the law proposal page.
  • The party election winner receives the alert:
    Congratulations, you have just been elected as President of your party. Using the features available in your party page you will be able to organize your party in order to reach your political goals.
  • All congress election winners will receive the alert:
    Congratulations, you have just been elected as a Member of Congress in your country. Visit the Country administration area to use your Member of Congress tools.
  • The winner of the presidential election:
    Congratulations, you have just been elected the President of your country. Visit the Country administration area to manage your country.
  • When you are selected as a candidate for president, you receive the alert:
    The President of (party) has decided to support you for the next country Presidential elections. Don't forget to set your Campaign Goals.

Company Alerts

  • When the salary of an employee is changed he gets:
    The General Manager of ( company name ) modified your salary. Your new salary is ( value and currency ).
  • When the owner fires an employee, the ex-employee receives the alert:
    We are sorry to inform you that the General manager of ( company name ) decided to fire you! But don't worry, you can get a new job or you can even buy a company.
  • After a Citizen applied for a job, an alert is sent to the owner of the company:
    ( citizen name ) applied to your job offer with a minimum skill of ( skill level ) and now works for ( company name ).
  • After a company is bought, an alert is sent to the former owner:
    Your company,( name ), has been sold for ( value ) Gold to ( name of new owner )
  • If there is no money in company accounts a message is sent to general manager:
    Your employees can't work because your company doesn't have enough money to pay their salaries. Add more funds in your company or sell your company stock.
  • If there is no raw materials in company inventory a message is sent to general manager:
    Your employees can't work because your company doesn't have raw materials in its inventory. Please buy raw materials from the marketplace.

Donation Alerts

  • Citizen and organizations donates products to another citizen:
    ( citizen ) / ( organization ) transferred ( amount ) products to your inventory. Check your donations list.
  • Citizen / Organizations donates money to another citizen :
    ( Citizen ) / ( Organization ) transferred ( amount ) ( currency ) to your account.

Στρατιωτικές Eιδοποιήσεις

  • Ο πολίτης προσπαθεί να πάρει μετάλλιο του Μαχητή της Ελευθερίας και εκπληρώνει την εργασία εξουδετέρωσης συγκεκριμένου αριθμού εχθρών και ο αντιστασιακός πόλεμος ήταν επιτυχής:
    Συγχαρητήρια, οι προσπάθειές σου να απελευθερώσεις τη ( όνομα περιοχής ) στέφθηκαν με επιτυχία και η περιοχή είναι πια ελεύθερη. Βοήθησε στην απελευθέρωση άλλης/ων ( αριθμός εναπομεινάντων περιοχών για μετάλλιο ) ακόμα περιοχής/ών για να αποκτήσεις το μετάλλιο του Μαχητή της Ελευθερίας.

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