Alexander Janai

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Alexander Janai

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Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealander
National rank 316
Date of birth Oct 27th 2010
Day 1,072
Date of death Mar 2nd 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The NZ National Times
Co-Minister of Wiki of New Zealand
December 2010 – January 2011
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen received a permanent ban for administering multiple accounts

Alexander Janai was born on October 27th 2010.

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Founder/Editor/Writer/Owner/An Awesome Dude

Alexander Janai (or Alexander Jannaeus Hebrew:אלכסנדר ינאי) was the kind of Judea and the Great Priest of the holy temple, one of the Hasmonean dynasty. He ruled from 103 BC until 76 BC. In the time of his ruling, he conquered the equal land of the Kingdom of the Hasmoneans. He conquered Gaza, Kingdom of the Nabatians, The Giliadus and the kingdom of the Jeturians. He didn't make it to conquer Phinicia.



Opened newspaper The NZ National Times on 29th of October 2010 which he in 2011 renamed for an unknown reason to Saudi Liberated Newspaper, although never published an article under the new name.


Alexander was a teacher at University of New York.


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