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Allen Yu

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Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth 21 February 2009 - Day 459
Date of death 2014
Residence Heilongjiang
Sex Male
Newspaper CCTV9
Congress member of China
Military unit HKGolden
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Major**.png Major**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Allen Yu (born Day 459) was the Chairman of Kangxi Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Kangxi Ironworks Ltd. and Kangxi Capital Partners. He is a retired four-term Senator from the Chinese Equality Party, as well as a Lieutenant in the People's Liberation Army after having fought in the liberation of Shanghai and a number of other regions against Pakistan and Iran.

Allen holds an MS in Economics from Shanghai Jiaotong University.


Allen began work as a farmer in Anhui, slowly saving up his wages from growing grain. Although food shortages were common at the time due to the failing economy of China, numerous senior statesmen such as logomaster304 and companies such as Flem Inc. (for whom Allen would later work) generously donated food to their workers as part of a citizen wellness program.

Allen started his own newspaper, XinhuaNET on Day 555 of the New World. He soon renamed this to the Nanchang Daily, after the famous Nanchang Uprising that liberated China from its nationalist overlords in the Old World. This renaming was due to the split in the Juche Box Party between President Snayke and extremist factions led by Stalin-chan. Allen's journalistic activities earned him recognition and respect in China, and his calls to reform were welcomed by the more centre-line parties in China at the time as well as senior statesmen. Soon after the creation of North Korea, the goons departed and Allen was able to shift his attention towards building China into a great nation.

Under the banner of the Chinese Equality Party, Allen won consecutive terms as Senator representing Shanghai province after he returned from a short diplomatic visit to North Korea. Political turmoil had left China's economy weak, and Allen saw an opportunity to both help China's people and grow his own business. Using his savings, Allen started a small food company that eventually grew to a 400 CNY/day business. Although small in comparison to the giants of the time such as Flem Inc., the company gave him valuable experience in the business world. Allen grew a small fortune using the profit from the company, Allen traded in the monetary market, capitalizing on fluctuating currency prices in the relatively unstable V1 world.

As Senator, Allen focused on economic policy. He was an advocate for lowering taxes on domestic corporations while raising protectionist tariffs on foreign imports. These policies helped Chinese companies grow, which in the long-run helped stabilise commodity prices for the Chinese people. Allen also advocated the formation of a formal People's Liberation Army, modelled after the private armies that large corporations backed with weapons and food. He was a strong proponent of Reserve Army training by all citizens, and held the view that "it is the sacred duty of all Chinese citizens to defend their country."

Departure and Kangxi Holdings Ltd.

Allen declined to run for a fifth term as Senator, and departed for a small rural house on the outskirts of Beijing where he was relatively unheard for a year and a half. During this time, Allen studied a variety of books ranging in topic from Classical Literature to World History and furthered his intellectual capabilities.

On Day 1192, Allen returned to the city of Beijing to find a China completely changed. He soon acquired an iron company and a weapons company, under the Kangxi Holdings Ltd. company. These two companies proved to be highly profitable, despite the higher-than-market wages paid to employees and under-market pricing schemes Allen implemented.

Since then, Kangxi Weapons Ltd. has been sold to a private investor. Kangxi Ironworks Ltd. remains privately held by Allen.

With the opening of the commodities market to the general public, Allen started Kangxi Capital Partners to invest in commodities and make money off of marginal changes in the prices of grain and iron in the Chinese market.


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