Allianz Starkes Osterreich

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Allianz Starkes Osterreich

Party-Allianz Starkes Osterreich.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Abbreviation ASO
Forum Forum
Founded April 2010
Dissolved December 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds British National Party
Succeeded By Austrian Unity
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritatian

Allianz Starkes Osterreich (abb: ASO) was a party of Icon-Austria.png Austria. The party was ranked in the top 5 Austrian parties. Their focus was not only on RL Austrians, but also on experienced foreign players who were willing to help Austria succeed.


In early April 2010, PrinceOfAustria planned to found a party which would better represent his point and to have a party for his followers. Lacking the gold at that time he contacted Kaiser Alex, then party president of the ASO predecessor party, to take over the party. Alex quit, and SparkusK9, aka Ciel Phantom, who had more experience than PrinceOfAustria at that time became party president as he refused to quit the party. He named the party British National Party. This made PrinceOfAustria to run for the next party's presidential election. He asked some of his followers to join the party to succeed. In the next election from 14 votes 11 won by Prince as a result of SparkusK9 smear campaign against PrinceOfAustria, arguing he had the party PTO'd (writing inflammatory articles)[1][2].

With promotion, the party came, in a very short time, to over 60 members and become number 1 party. In the first parliamentary elections the party won just over 10 % of Congress. Before the second parliamentary elections in the history of ASO, due to an impending new PTO risk erasing Austria, Slovenia and Germany wiped all regions except for Upper Austria, Burgenland and Vorarlberg, which meant that only 6 members would go into the Congress.

In the parliamentary elections in May 2010 the ASO won 25 % of the congressional seats and came up with 71 votes while the second placed Imperial Union came up with only 44 votes

Party program

On 30.05.2010 the ASO released their official party program.

Major achievements