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Alpha Company, Royal Navy

Alpha Company.jpg


General Information
Disbanded Unknown
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region Northern Ireland
Colors Black & Orange
Type Fighting Force
Part of The Royal Navy

Alpha was the first ever company in The Royal Navy by (then) MoD Squiddy.


Alpha's first ever Commanding Officer was Will Salmon, who was appointed by (then) Royal Navy Commanding Officer Hassan Pesaran. Will had already proved himself a capable Officer while serving in the French/Belgium Wars as Sergeant of Charlie Company, which was to become part of his Company.

After being promoted to Commanding Officer of the entire Royal Navy, Will Salmon promoted thehorseltd to Command Alpha. thehoseltd commanded Alpha until Will Salmon stood down as RN CO, taking his Place. thehorseltd's first act was to promote Trooper_c to the newly created rank of Commander, and place him in charge of Alpha.


Alpha's Motto, "BOB BOBLO!™", was chosen to honor a legend of the United Kingdom, Bob Boblo.

Company Colours

Black & Orange were choose to reflect those of the United States Air Cavalry, who's own motto ('Gary Owen!'), was the inspiration for Alpha's ('BOB BOBLO!™).


  • Alpha Platoon
  • Bravo Platoon
  • Charlie Platoon

Past Commanding Officers