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I, Mr Woldy, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint AltmerVampire, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Medal - Distinguished Service Order.png I, Field Marshal Tom Morgan, Chief of the Defence Staff, hereby award AltmerVampire membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth May 2, 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence North West of England
Sex Male
Newspaper The Travels Of Elfington
Congress member of Hokkaido
Party president of Radical Freethinkers Alliance
16th September 2009 – 15th November 2009
Preceded by Flamur
Succeeded by BarneyMonkeyMan
Minister of Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom
20th September 2009 – 5th November 2009
Preceded by Michael Collins
Succeeded by Lord Rhindon
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

AltmerVampire (AV) was a citizen of Ireland, Congressmen for Hokkaido and Japan's Director of Ambassadorial Affairs.


AltmerVampire, born on the 2nd May 2009, was also Japanese citizen. He was a member of the SOS Brigade. His love of Foreign Affairs has led him to become an ambassador four times in only 3 months.

AV has been quoted saying "I am actually called Atma, and I am a 56 year old woman who stalks Huate"
AV's slogan "AV, because he gets shit done" (thanks go to Quikfen)


AltmerVampire was born on the 1st May 2009, and quickly became thrust into the system of the eUK.
While searching for how to join the UK Royal Navy, AV stumbled upon the UK forums, and he quickly got himself involved even deeper into the world of eRepublik. Signing up to the Royal Navy and shortly after, the Vagabonds, along with the forums of the Radical Freethinkers Alliance, AV quickly set to work making a name for himself in the UK.

Soon After

Shortly after SaraDroz won the Presidential elections, AV signed himself up to be an ambassador to France, after discovering his new found love of foreign affairs. It was here in France that AV would set himself out, getting to know several famous e-faces such as Niouton, who helped AV find his feet in France.
AV decided to run for Congress and moved to the North East of England to do so. Although his campaign was unsuccessful he learned a great deal which helped him in his later career.

Joining the Military

Royal Navy original logo
Elfy Corp logo
Shortly after the fall of the Corps scheme sue to the blackmail by roadrunnerspeed, AV, once again, after his previous five applications had been ignored, applied to join the Royal Navy. This application was ignored. Fortunately for AV he happened to come across thehorseltd, CO of the Royal Navy, in a thread and once notified of AV's attempted sign ups, thehorseltd went to the trouble of signing AV up, putting him to work in Alpha Company, Squad B and Sergeant MacDevon.
A few days later, Horse, as AV became to know him as (along with just about everyone else), decided to reshuffle the Royal Navy and held applications for promotions. AV jokingly sent in an application, not expecting to get a job due to his youth in the Navy, received the response along the lines of "Your application made me laugh, and for that alone, you are in with a chance" But those words exactly are immensely unlikely. Two days later AV found himself Sergeant of Squad B and never looked back. It was in the navy, AV met some close friends such as Del Fuego, James Woosh, thehorseltd, Rodney Mckay, Fusillade, Accalia and many others who all make his time in-game worthwhile.
AV also set up The Travels Of Elfington, a newspaper he uses for various purposes, as well as setting up Elfy Corp.

Political Career Begins

AV eventually ran for Congress back in his home of Northern Ireland, was placed second in his region with 28 votes, joint with certacito who had higher XP meaning he was viewed as higher, and was placed 5th all round in the UK elections.
AV set out to make a difference, and worked incredibly hard to achieve it in Congress, Foreign Affairs and the Military. More on those later

Main Events

May 2009

Party-Radical Freethinkers Alliance v2.jpg
1st May AV joined up to the game, beginning his life. Shortly after, while reading the UK Wiki, he decided to sign up to the Royal Navy. While searching for the Navy AV stumbled upon the UK forums and so began his real e-life. After signing up to the Navy AV joined the RFA in-game and then signed into the forums marking the beginning of a long time of loyalty with the RFA.
As soon as AV received access to the RFA forums he set out to work, quickly becoming one of the main posters on the forums and a familiar face. He came up with the idea of the Small Parties Ambassador job and applied for this job when it was first implemented, and worked alongside fellow RFA member, Alexander Etch with large success.
It was during this month that AV became acquainted with the UK IRC channel, and when a friend of his (Dodgy Dude) posted a link to a Googledoc, AV decided to fill in the form, being too noobish to realize what it actually was. After Goku Jones informed AV what the document really was, AV quickly told Dodgy that he'd have nothing to do with it, however Iain Keers' mighty database recorded his name as being on the PTO of Ireland list, remaining a permanent black mark on AV's record.
Also AV ran an unsuccessful congress election in the North East of England.
And finally... AV set up his paper "The Travels Of Elfington".
The cover of The Travels Of Elfington

June 2009

When Kumnaa was elected as the President, AV applied to Hassan for a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was tasked alongside Digby to work in France.
During this month he also became RFA Press Executive, writing several articles for the RFA, bringing the total number of subscribers from 25 to 50. With Flamur becoming Party president of the RFA, after jokingly joining the party during it's Sinn Fein days (...) AV was delighted that the party had someone so experienced running the party and someone who would bring the party a lot of respect and so, in turn, doubled his efforts for the party.


B.M.I. logo
Controversley, AV began referring to himself as "The Vanquisher of B.M.I." due to his detective work in the area. B.M.I. stands for Bulldog Mercenaries Inc. which was a mercenary company, who came under the employ of ViperB10 to help him get into Congress. Several leaks came to AV with these, and when he was provided with proof he publicly announced what Viper had done, resulting in Viper stepping down from the election, a large portion of B.M.I. resigning and IndieKid getting all the credit. Viper since apologized to AV, having realized that he had done the wrong thing and the two remain friends.
Since this has happened, mercenaries have been told to choose between their country and their merc groups, resulting in mercs no longer being allowed in the Armed Forces.
AV intends to upgrade his title of "The Vanquisher of B.M.I" to "The Vanquisher of Camelot" ;) News just in... Camelot appears to have disbanded and is now working as a weapons commune =O

July 2009

Party-Radical Freethinkers Alliance v3.jpg
With the new term approaching, AV and the rest of the RFA worked impossibly hard for Flamur's Presidency bid. AV, along with John Bartlett and Flamur, were very proud of the Military and Foreign Affairs manifesto they wrote and were proud of the other manifestos written by people such as Goku Jones. The election, was however, a success for the RFA and AV, although not gaining the presidency they did gain around 150 votes and were proud of their manifestos, which would improve with experience.
AV applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs again, applying to Srachit. Srachit admitted him into the Ministry soon after, promising to give him more to do than last month. AV soon after, applied to look after the Ambassadors Reports and also applied for the ambassadorship to Romania, Japan and the United Netherlands.
Unfortunately AV had to go off to France and Switzerland on the 12th of July, so had little more to do in the month and therefore had to make this wiki in less than a day.

November 2009

AV skipped many months of history sheerly because he kept forgetting to keep this wiki up-to-date. As mentioned below, AV ran unsuccessfully for the presidency of the United Kingdom.
After AV was released from the Party Presidency of the RFA, he carried out his long term dream of moving to Japan, and on the 16th, moved and was granted citizenship soon after.

Political Career

Radical Freethinkers Alliance

Radical Freethinkers Alliance Poster.jpg
As soon as AV joined the game he wanted to run for congress and make a difference in the e-world. As soon he was able he joined up to the Radical Freethinkers Alliance, liking its rejection of RL ideologies and its centre location on the political scale which he agreed with. Within the RFA, AV met many people who influenced him in the world of politics and met many friends, such as Alexander Etch, Goku Jones, Marcus Grim, John Bartlett, Flamur and many others.

North East of England

Region-North East of England.png
Under the RFA, AV decided to run for congress, and not wanting to stand in the way of his fellow party member Restro, in Northern Ireland, he moved to the North East of England and ran there. His initial manifesto was a bit newbish and was pulled apart by several big players in the e-world, which in turn led to his congressional defeat. However, he realized he was glad that he had not won, believing himself to be too experienced to make a good job out of it, so he moved back to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Congress

With a lot more experience, knowledge and contacts on his side, AV decided to run for Congress in Northern Ireland in June 2009. His congress manifesto was one of his highest ever voted articles. AV sailed through the election, gaining second place in Northern Ireland, joint with certacito who gained 1st place due to his superior xp. AV also come fifth overall in the UK, behind Mr Woldy, John F Baker, JerryGFL and certacito.

Northern Ireland Congress, Round 2

AV got through to Congress once again on the 25th July 2009 due to help from John Bartlett who campaigned alongside AV.

Northern Ireland Senate

Northern Ireland Flag
Shortly after being elected to Congress, AV made plans to set up the NI Senate and with the help of persons such as Jacen Molare and Hethor the senate was set up. He was serving as the Senator for the Armed Forces. AV has written several articles encouraging people to sign up to the UK forums and the NI Senate and had an incredibly successful PM campaign, where many of the people he PMed, signed up to the UK forums and the UK Armed Forces.

November CP Elections

Upon the time of UK-Left and CrownCoalition forming, AV and the RFA decided they wanted to remain neutral in the current raging party politics that were raging in the UK, and so they chose to run one of their own candidates. The poll in the party forums raged between JB and AV, and when the poll finally finished, AV was announced the victor by a slim margin and announced his candidacy.

Many experienced members of the UK fully supported AV, and indeed, CrownCoalition swapped from supporting Aelar to supporting AV. The campaign which had begun as a simple symbolic gesture, had become a serious bid for the presidency. Unsurprisingly, he lost the election to the superior firepower of TUP, but the point he had raised stood, the RFA was and always will be neutral, despite whoever supports it.

Foreign Affairs Career



Ambassador to France

In May 2009, AV signed up to the ambassador scheme on the UK forums and put his name down as the ambassador to France. After discovering he had received the posting he immediately set out to the French forums, introduced himself and tried to work out what he actually had to do. After a few greetings from several French people, one person stood out and offered to help AV find his feet, in his new ambassadorial position. This man was Niouton who AV began to regard as a friend. After Niouton's assistance in AV's initial ambassador report, AV began relying on Niouton for knowledge of both France and the game itself. Niouton taught AV many things about Foreign Affairs, training him up to be a competent ambassador and knowledgeable in all Foreign Affairs and negotiation matters.

MoFA To France

In June 2009, with the coming of Kumnaa's presidential term, AV applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a job. The new MoDaFA, Hassan Pesaran signed AV up as an Under Minister of Foreign Affairs, specifically tasked to France, due to AV's knowledge of the area and expertise. AV was tasked alongside Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar to work alongside the French and to improve relations and help with negotiations in France involving the UK.
AV met many new acquaintances here, including the French MoFA, Yann Grapin who he struck up a friendship with. After a successful term AV began to show his competence in Foreign Affairs and from then on was trusted with more important tasks.


Due to Srachit's appointment as MoFA in July 2009, the Ministry was restructured and AV found himself as an apprentice. Quickly signing up to be in charge of ambassadorial duties, Srachit unsurprisingly (due to his experience with ambassadorial duties) appointed AV to the job, along with allowing him to serve as ambassador to Japan, Romania and the United Netherlands. AV became apprentice again when GlaDOS became MoFA during Hassan's second term.


AV quickly set himself out to improve ailing relations with the Romanians, publishing an article in their media and trying to convince the Romanians that the British were not their enemies. AV found some supporters in Romania and some people who were incredibly against the UK. This hardened the resolve of AV to make a difference to the relations between the two countries, and made him determined to stay in Romania as long as possible in an attempt to increase relations.


AV applied to Japan due to his RL love of the country. He quickly set up the show, creating an embassy in the country and releasing an article into the Japanese media. Both actions proved to him the amazing character of the Japanese people and made him fall in love with the country even more. He found himself enjoying his time in Japan and fell in love with the people. It was here he re-found his old friend, Yann Grapin who had decided to move to Japan.

The United Netherlands

Flag-United Netherlands.jpg
Loving the history of the country, AV released an article into the Dutch and Belgian media and introduced himself in the UK Embassy in the Netherlands. Due to the fact the Netherlands and the UK were such close neighbours, AV felt duty-bound to increase relations between the two countries.

Military Career

Initial Military Stages

The Vagabonds Logo
After several minor failings in joining the Navy, AV eventually signed up, after talking to Horse about no one adding him into the Navy. By this stage, AV had almost given up and intended to apply to the Royal Guard due to running for Congress in the North East of England. However, after AV being beaten by the respectable John Forseti, Wyli and Avec (last two, both from the paratroopers) and only gaining 3 votes, he decided to try once again to achieve his dream of not getting ignored by the Navy and winning a place among them.
After talking to Horse on a thread about Northern Ireland, AV was finally admitted to the Navy and placed under the care of MacDevon, in Squad B. Little did he know his military career would soon set off.
Meeting Del Fuego on the Navy forums, AV and Del quickly became known as "spammers" on the forums which were constantly denied with strong words such as "O RLY?" "NO U" and "LOLWUT" The friendship with Del lasted and eventually specific spam threads were set up to contain their enjoyment, until the Mess Hall forum was created. Eventually, James Woosh joined the "spamming" campaign creating a lasting friendship.

Rise In The Military

An Award AV Received From The Navy Command
After the Naval reshuffle AV found himself as Sergeant of Squad B in Alpha Company, with his friend Del as his new commodore. Things were looking good in the Navy and AV found himself with Horse's new Military Commendations, receiving an award for "Services To Spam" which really meant increasing forum activity, just different terminology (shifty eyes)
After a long, hard campaign to have colour in his forum name, AV helped begin the campaign to have officers in the military receive colours in their name. After being granted the light blue colour and a title of "Military Commander" AV retreated to the Royal Navy forums to plan his next campaign. Getting into the House of Lords with Del and James.
Soon after MacDevon, who had been given the job of commodore of C Company during the reshuffle, went on holiday. And soon AV was appointed temp-Commodore of C Company. Unfortunately, MacDevon never returned to the navy and AV found himself as temp longer than he expected, until the new reform.

REFORM!!! \o/

The Watchkeeper newspaper's logo
The reform (REFORM!!! \o/) written by James Woosh, Nice Guy Eddie, Rodney Mckay, Fusillade and several others, revolutionized the Royal Navy. The specifics aren't related to this so won't be mentioned here. Anyway, AV found himself as Captain of the HMS Enterprise in the Pacific Fleet under the command of Commodore Stuart Nash.
Shortly after the reform, Horse stood down as Admiral of the Fleet, now having a lot to do with his new admittance to the House of Lords but Horse stayed on as a Special Advisor to the new CO of the Navy, Rodney McKay. Rodney McKay, asked AV to write an article using The Watchkeeper (the official Navy paper) to explain the new changing of hands in the navy. It was called "Mutiny" and received over 150 votes. Shortly after this Rodney appointed AV as his new Media Officer, asking him to write articles once a week (because someone told him AV was good with articles...).


After AV's return from holiday he found himself as Commodore of Antarctic Fleet, commanding the ships HMS Solihull and HMS Edinburgh due to a new reform. AV also organized a coup and on the 7th of August, many Navy members joined the Radical Freethinkers Alliance, making it the unofficial party of the Royal Navy which the PCP and previously the LSD had held before.


AV retired shortly from the Royal Navy shortly after the beginning of Woldy's first term as CP, so he could devote his time to the Ministry, and to give someone else a chance in the Navy.

The Travels Of Elfington

The Cover of The Travels Of Elfington


The Travels Of Elfington's name originated from AV's desire to travel the e-world, writing an article in each country about that country and promoting relations between many countries and increasing the understanding each country had for each other.
The reason for the Elfington is a reference to AV's name, literally meaning "Old Elf" in German.


AV uses The Travels Of Elfington to write random articles, write congress manifestos, write about current events concerning the eUK, informing Northern Ireland about what he is doing from them and encouraging them to sign up to the forums and he also uses it for ambassador related majigies.


At the moment (19/12/09), The Travels Of Elfington has 1007 subscribers.