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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth Dec 30, 2007
Date of death 2010
Faith Dioism
Newspaper The Dioist
Military Counsellor of Bulgaria
January 1, 2008 – February 1, 2008
Ambassador of France
August 16, 2008 – N/A
Ambassador of Quebec
August 16, 2008 – 1 January 2009
Succeeded by AgentChieftain
President of Pakistan
July 1, 2009 – August 1, 2009
Preceded by Dio Brando
Succeeded by Dio Brando
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Albert Nabla, or more famously known as "Altnabla", was an active Pakistani writer, commander and ambassador to various countries such as France or Québec. He was renowned for his knowledge of various languages such as Dutch or French.

Writing Works & Prophetism

Prophet and Writer of The Book of Dio. The Book of Dio is the compilation of stories and wisdom that was written over the period of a month by Pakistani monks Altnabla and William Walker, with contributions from many other Pakistanis.

Altnabla is a sensible man and often tries to calm down the game when it comes to the common quarrels between the anti-dioist and the dioist. He understands fully why people would not want to follow Dio and accepts it as long as he is not directly attacked.


July 08, 2009, Altnabla as president of Pakistan with 6 other presidents, placed their signatures on Contract:Charter of Sol, thus officially declaring the birth of the newest Alliance in the New World, Sol.

From May to June 2009, the idea for the new Alliance sprouted. President Snayke of China organized a large meeting between presidents and representatives from Australia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, North Korea, Russia, Singapore and Thailand that were held at irregular times. The beginning of the Charter started during this time and, in July, was finalised.


The actor on the political scene, he has been Counselor of Defense in Bulgaria prior to his conversion to Dioism but mostly, he is famous for his military leadership for leading the best squad of the 300, Squad #1 Meatshield.

Altnabla had a very important role in the Czech Republic-Slovakia war, where he single-handedly pushed back the aggressor and conquered the whole of Slovakia. He earned his commander status in that war as well as a feared title given by his enemies "The Creator of Suffering".

He was also part of the USA-Canada War, where he led for the first time the Meatshield Squad. Although the results, were not what was expected at all, his squad along with the other 300, was able to stall the war.

But Altnabla is mostly famous for his action in the Germany-Poland war, where he organised a temporary headquarters in Saarbrucken for the Mobile forces. With the help of the German troops, he was able to organise the war which seemed to be a lost cause into a win for Germany, although it didn't last long.

Late Missions

Although demoted from his Meatshield Squad, Albert was still an active actor in the international political scene. His last action was to help Québec in its struggle for independence, helping them to make pressure on the Canadian government to see the Québec issue as a serious one. In the end, Québec citizens were allowed to keep control of their territory and are now aiming for a 15% in the next elections, becoming the 4th party of Canada and therefore having political relevance.

Pakistani Mobile Forces

Albert Nabla became responsible for the Pakistani Mobile Forces, in charge of reforming this branch of the Pakistani army due to the lack of modernism in structural hierarchy. A plan was approved to define the reform. The PMF was to become, in the long term, the most powerful regular army in the world with effectiveness still being kept a secret (Previously the mobile forces were composed of 90 soldiers). This reform aimed mostly to make the Pakistani army the main piece of the PEACEkeepers.

Post-Dio Pakistan

After the disappearance of Dio Brando and the fall of the Holy Empire of Pakistan, Altnabla decided to take a break from his holy duty of insuring the military safety of Pakistan. He then went into exile in Tibet and stood still, starving for multiple months. Praying to Dio Brando for his return. Pakistanis, deprived of both Dio and Altnabla went to AgentChieftain, the holy priest of Dioism, to seek comfort and protection in these rough times and while Atlantis crept on the world, Altnabla still prayed to the holy emperor and took care of the spiritual link between all Pakistanis, so that they would remember.


After a while, the prayers of Altnabla and some enlightened Italians made Dio Brando come back and create a new outpost for the Dioist faith to expand, Switzerland. Altnabla woke up and ran the ten thousand kilometres that separated him from his God. Unfortunately, when he arrived, he discovered that the faith used in Switzerland was not Dioism but Theocracy which accepts Dio Brando as a god but not the SUPREME god. Holy prophets like would think themselves of as gods because of some magical powers. This confused Albert, which decided that the ways of Dio Brando are something he couldn't comprehend. He proceeded to join the theocratic regime, hoping that the prophets would be considered as prophets and not as gods.


The demise of Pakistan and its ideology has put Albert Nabla in great perplexity. During his meditations, he decided that this was a message from Dio Brando: Pakistan as a strong political regime could not spread efficiently the concepts of PEACE and PRIDE. Only POWER would be seen. Something that was lost anyway due to the fear Pakistani people had made in their enemy's heart.

Pakistan not being an empire anymore, was an excellent opportunity to inform the world of Dio Brando, of what he is and what he could accomplish. This was now the new holy duty of Altnabla: to inform the world that there is but one superior Being and that is Dio Brando. Bow to him like anyone would bow to a god, for he is kind and strong. Wish for you what you could wish for Dio and make your goals come true. These would be the only words needed. The world needs us now.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x2)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x4)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x2)

Military offices
Preceded by
Military Commander of the Meatshield (Pakistan Squad #1)
April 12, 2008 - August 26, 2008
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Commander of the Pakistani Mobile Forces
August 27, 2008 - N/A
Succeeded by