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Alvaro Mesa

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Nationality Flag-Uruguay.jpg Uruguayan
Date of birth September 7, 2009
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Charrua, Uruguay
Sex Male
Congress member of Uruguay
January 2010 – February 2010
April 2010 – May 2010
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Alvaro Mesa was born on the 7th of September 2009 in Charrua, region of Uruguay. He was Uruguayan General who lived in all different parts of the New World.

His goal was to become the Supreme Commander of the South America Army Forces and ATO Units, unfortunately, he never managed to achieve that.

Military life

  • September
    • After he joined the National Army of Uruguay (ENU in Spanish) he was sent to Batalion 5.
    • 15 of September 2009 - Promoted to captain of the battalion 5.
    • 20 of September 2009 - Promoted to the secretary of defense.
    • 28 of September 2009 - Promoted to general.
  • October
    • 06 of October 2009 - Selected to be the new Minister of Defense.
    • 10 of October 2009 - Created the Uruguay Military Academic. Also the Military Museum and the National Reserve.
    • 17 of October 2009 - Created the ENU chatroom.
  • November
    • 01 of November 2009 - Founder of the eUruguayan Air Force (FAU) with Phigas3 and Yosarian.
    • 02 of November 2009 - Created the Training Division, where the new recruits learned the ropes of military life.
    • 06 of November 2009 - Accomplished ATO mission in Venezuela.
    • 07 of November 2009 - Chosen to be the Advisor to the Secretary of Defense Gertxu.
    • 20 of November 2009 - Leave Uruguay to learn more about the New World
    • 25 of November 2009 - Accomplished ATO mission in Venezuela.
  • December
    • 06 of December 2009 - Was Secretary of Defense for 2 days before leaving the country
    • 10 of December 2009 - Leave South America and move to North America, Florida, to learn more about USA and EDEN.
    • 16 of December 2009 - Moved to Argentina and joined the UMA (Union Militar Argentina).
  • January
    • 16 of January 2010 - Chosen to be the Supreme Commander of Uruguayan National Army (ENU)
    • 25 of January 2010 - Wins the congressional elections by winning most votes from his Party (PDU)
    • 29 of January 2010 - Leaves as SC of ENU because of Personal issues

Media life

Press director of the Lo que Pinte.COM, is all about different stuff he wanted to write about: history, Military, funny events with characters like Peter, Profesor Paul Vaso and "el negro".

Politics Life

Mesa is Proud to be Independent of any Ideology. He was elected two times in Congress of Uruguay, once as a member of Partido Social Democrata eUruguayo and once as a member of Partido Democrático Uruguayol.