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Amamiya Mii

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth November 19, 2009 (Day730)
Date of death 1st time: April 3, 2011 (Day 1230)
2nd time: 2014
Residence Hokkaido, Japan
Sex Female
Faith Myuism / eShinto / Haruhiism
Married to Princess Amamiya Haruhi
(9th June 2012 – 15th December 2012)
Representative to the Diet of Shikoku
Febuary 25, 2010 – March 25, 2010
Served under Desu Workers' Party
June 25, 2010 – July 25,2010
Served under Desu Workers' Party
Representative to the Diet of Hokkaido
December 25, 2010 – April 3, 2011
Served under United Lolies of Japan
Preceded by Tanaka Fujimori
Ambassador to Poland of Japan
December 17, 2010 – February 28, 2010
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Yagami Mii - born Yagami Mion (八神美音 Yagami Mion), also known as Yagami Mii, Yagami M, or simply Mii, was a Japanese citizen, historian, Speaker to the Congress, vice president and ambassador in the past. At some time she was considered as a possible candidate for Empress of Japan. She was also the head of Yagami Clan in Hokkaido and eWaifu of B.C. Haruhi Suzumiya.

She was also recognized as a Myustress, however, she didn't claim that title until her disappearance on April 3, 2011 (Day 1230), when she was presumed dead.

Part #1


Born day 730 in eYakumo-cho, Hokkaido in Japan in Yagami family as a third child, Mion since the very beginning was educated to become a diplomat and also take duties of treasurer of Yagami Clan. After seeing the success of Akki's corporation, family send her to Tokyo to join SOS Brigade, and train as a manager. However young Mion bored of no progress in her life, left Japan and went to USA.

She studied and worked in the USA, where she met Aymay with whom she started to make big plans for business in Japan. They started the New Development Organization and bought a defunct wood company in Kanto.

However, she still remained in the USA, leaving all the company management to Aymay. On day 792 she got call out of nowhere from Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya, (the content of this first talk was never released), which made her return to Japan the same day.

As a member of Desu Workers' Party

Yagami Mii look from the times when she served as member of DWP congress in Japan
After coming back to Japan, Kanto, Yagami Mion joined a new Desu Workers' Party. A month later she volunteered to represent DWP in congress.

She won a seat in the Congress, starting from Shikoku region (originally DWP members were to run in Tohoku). Her trusting, naive behavior and childish appearance didn't make her any core member of DWP, but put her close to most of the active members. She also handed New Development Organization to Nata-kun and created party-managed Desu Eientei company for the gold found in Yagami Clan treasury.

In the same time, she persuaded Kuroiunmei the secretary of immigration to let Aymay become accepted as a citizen of Japan. After this Mion started to help citizenship applicants, by informing about immigration procedures.

She won for the second time in Diet elections in April. In the period between April and May, she was a Revolutionary Guard soldier. In may 2010, she has become a member of Puccho's Nihongo Kyokai. After PTO of Desu Workers' Party, and consequently, it's merger with eSoS, Yagami M, then known as 'Mii' started to change her Omnomnom News form.

As a member of Sekai Shakai Sensen

In May 2010, she inherited a giant fortune of Icon-gold.gif 70 GOLD, however she didn't use any of it. Instead, she started to publish her Work of Cabinet series, which was meant to be the first series of educating articles about Japan As another job, she started to perform checks for Immigration Secretary Erumaron. While doing this she became friends with French ambassador Stephane Villedieu. Lesser activity in Sekai Shakai Sensen also known as World Social Front, increasing waves of trolling and general boredom and finally demerging of SSS made Mii want to disappear. Just before the disappearance, she joined Black Knights.

The disappearance and reappearance of Yagami Mii

On Friday, August 13 2010, she left a note and farewell letter as well as Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD that were given to Brigade Chief Haruhi Suzumiya according to Yagami's letter.

In this letter, many individuals weren't mentioned, which led to controversies after her reappearance which happened in early December of the same year.

After her reappearance in Japan, Mii was staying without party affiliation, dreaming of reconstructing Desu Workers' Party together with SpeedycatCRO, however she never realised any of the goals in the "Tripple Cat program" mainly due to changes that occurred during that time. Later she became manager of the empress candidate Aisha Clan-Clan, and during the Empress Day Festival in December, she joined United Lolies of Japan. It was probably directed by the fascination of Great ULJ member - Tanaka Fujimori

New home in ULJ

While in ULJ Mii started a number of activities, as a Historian, ambassador, Diet member. She even planned to start in presidential elections. She also had very successful private eLife, and were planning to marry soon before her death.


Probably on 7th March, or some days before it, Mii discovered Myu in herself, as one of the first she realised it's existence. It led to the creation of the theory of the Myu - Myuism. At 8th March she was recognized as one of Myustresses of the Myu. Her spirit (or Data Ghost) can be seen by some followers of the Myu - Myuists.

Death of Mii

Mii at her wedding, just a few hours before her disappearance.
Strange incidents started on the evening of April 2nd, Mii was going to run out of the country. However, she stopped at the roadside hotel. It is unknown what happened then, however metropolitan police reports show that the ambush was planned beforehand. The police stated that victims' corpses were so massacred that biological identification wasn't possible, which lead to speculation whether Mii actually died or not.

Taiwanese origin?

Her story gained much popularity in Republic of China (Taiwan) in April 2012. Many copies of her biography written by a Taiwanese author Soultama were sold. Soultama also published a story in which he presents alternative history where Mii survived and is starting in presidential elections. In this history, he implies possible eTaiwanese origin of Yagami Mion by calling her "偽娘日", which can be translated as "acting as a Japanese lady" or just "fake Japanese maiden". Yagami Clan denied commenting on that.

Yagami's "revival"

The rumours of her death have been resolved after she was spotted just fine in one of the meetings of Democratic Party of Japan.

She becomes the honorary member of the Cherry Blossom Party, trying to advise it's leaders. Soon after in early June 2012, she started a campaign for the position of the Prime Minister of Japan.

Aoba Castle Kidnapping of Yagami Mii

After losing the elections, she went on a vacation break to visit Aoba castle. During night 6/7 June, an incident known as Aoba kidnapping case(誘拐事件青葉白 - Aoba Shiro Yuukai Jiken) has occurred. On that day Mii has also started to use Yagami Mii as her official name.

Part #2

Yagami Mii reborn

Mii could even forgive Kyuubey

Yagami Mii likes cute things, being under influence of HIM Kokawayoshi Makoto, she also developed a love for owls. Sometimes she is happy and optimistic, other time she's very moody. She likes to roleplay and speaks the Japanese language. When it comes to the job in politics, she tries to become very unbiased which leads often to her putting herself in uncomfortable situations. In some works she had been depicted as "Motherly figure, that cares for her children-citizens of eJapan". She is also very forgiving, according to her friends even "too forgiving".

Some believed that she was an incarnation of kami or myustress, but she doesn't know if that is true. However, the fact is that she feels strong bonds to supernatural world and wishes to become Miko at Kokawayoshi shrine.

Aoba Castle Kidnapping Case & Wedding

On the night at 6th June, Yagami Mii arrived at Sendai's Aoba Castle, where she was thought to be kidnapped few hours after arrival. Her whereabouts remained unknown for 3 days, it turned out that she eloped with her childhood friend Princess Haruhi Suzumiya, with whom she married on 9th June (Day 1663). Squibeel was master of the ceremony, with words "I now declare both of you Waifus", he blessed this marriage for the future.

Japanese Chaos of August

Full Article: Japanese_Chaos_of_August_2012

During their Honeymoon, a great disaster has hit Japan. Chaotic events of August left the country occupied & in ruin. While Mii didn't take personally any role in these events, they are worth mentioning, in order to understand their impact on Japanese society, and events that were to occur later. After returning to Japan, what was to be seen was heartbreaking. Some houses were still burning and people had lost all the hope. Mii tried to run in presidential elections in November, but after an unsuccessful campaign, she left politics for good.

Japanese Independence War and Freedom of Kanto

Mii's ISP avatar used in the time of Independence war
For over 4 months eJapan has been occupied by Taiwan, despite number of efforts to free themselves, they weren't able to win a single resistance war. However odds changed on 11 November (Day 1818), when Polish Military Unit TerazMy has sparked triple RW (Japanese in Kanto, South Korean in Gyeonggi-do and Thai in Luzon). Only RW in Kanto was successful, granting Japan region. While the victory wouldn't be possible without TerazMy, it's worth mentioning that representatives of all CoT members, as well as other Japan-friendly nations, were present. Mii had some impact on the battle of the third division.

Death of Princess Haruhi

Princess Haruhi Amamiya died at 15th December 2012. After this sad event Mii's personality changed, she became more silent. She didn't enjoy happy conversations with friends anymore, so she decided to join the military in order to stop thinking about the tragic loss.


While not being the major figure of anything in eJapan, Mii hadn't made her mark on Japan, however she tried to bring some positive energy into every player there, she has memories about every single person that she met there, and she prays for every good person she met on her 3 years long eLife.

Live long and prosper o/ みんな、頑張ってね!

Life between Lives

During her inactive period, she was placed into president race several times. After her return she hasn't taken any significant political position, she decided to spend her remaining days on enjoying cultural events and writing historical articles of no significance whatsoever.

Part #3

Additional info.

Party affiliation

This is the full list of parties which she was member of:

*Moriya Jinja

Military affiliation

  • Member of Revolutionary Guard
  • Member of Teishin Shudan; squadron Giretsu Kuteitai
  • Member of Pedokuma Hunters' Squad, served as Second Commander


Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Myustress , myuish mistresses, Mistresses of the Myu - are names for Goddess in Myuism. Myustresses has also additional names which shows the area of Myu there are connected with.

Known Myustresses

There are only three known beings who were the bearer of that name. It is unknown whether other Myustresses exist or not. Notice that, the definition of Mystress is not strict, as some myustresses don't even acknowledge themselves as the goddess. However, they all feel connected by Myu.

Holy Goddess of Nothing

Holy Goddess of Nothing, Myustress Lika, known by many names is probably the scariest and naughtiest Goddess of all Myustress, she also often talks in name of all Myustresses, for example when she honours myuism followers and other mortals with new titles. Many are afraid of her power to do total nothingness, while others think the ethnology of the name comes from the fact that she is a lazy Myustress who does nothing.

High Lady of Anything

High Lady of Anything, Myustress Lyu (aka Lyuline), is probably most elegant and wise of all the Myustresses. She can do anything, as well as she can allow anybody to do anything (that power applies to other Myustresses too). She has also a strong connection with cats and can make them her messengers if she would like to (After all she can do anything, right?)

Grand Guardian of Something

Grand Guardian of Something, also known as Myustress Mii, is the only mistress that doesn't recognize herself as a Goddess, however, she recognizes other Myustresses Lika and Lyu. She has a childish and playful nature. She guards 'Something'. However, she doesn't know what this 'Something' is, sometimes afraid of it. She is the guardian of mystery.


Little is known about Myu, it may be some form of energy, an object or even a person. Even the Myustresses don't know what exactly is the Myu.

Myustresses' thoughts of the Myu:

Myustress Mii:What is myu , that is the question.

Myustress Lyu:hm.. myu .. is just myu

Myustress Mii:those are the words of the true wisdom.

Myustresses talks about their powers:

Myustress Mii:Myustress Lyu , what can you do?

Myustress Lyu:good question...

Myustresses Lyu/Mii:I'm the High Lady of Anything/You are the High Lady of Anything

Myustress Lyu:maybe I can do anything?

Myustress Mii:That means that I can do something, and Holy Goddess of Nothing Lika can actually do nothing?

Myustress Lyu:hm ,[that] would be a bit unfair, she is the Goddess after all.