Amamiya Sora

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Dead citizen

Amamiya Sora

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth Oct 11, 2009
Date of death First time: Apr 03, 2011
Second time: Sometime in 2017 (est)
Residence Chubu
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Senior airman 5.png Senior Airman*****

Amamiya Sora, born as Aymay in Icon-Poland.png Poland, is a Japanese citizen who lived in the depths of Akihabara searching for valuable otaku goods and always looking for cultural contests.

Early Life

Born before Great baby boom of Poland in Kielce, Little Poland. Aymay from very first days interested in all that glittered, especially GOLDs. However, as a child from a poor city, Aymay lost all hope for better life and thought of leaving this world at the age of 6.

Aymay started learning English, German and Italian at local Library. But the one thing was for Aymay really fascinating: Icon-Japan.png Japan - it's language and culture. The passion woke up again when Aymay meet young Japanese citizen Yagami M studying in the Icon-USA.png USA, inspired by the business empire of Akki both of them set up a New Development Organization.

New Development Organization

After setting New Development Organization, Aymay decided that Organization will be there for a good of people, not for profits. The first company was "Working wood company" - a defunct Japanese wood company in Chiba in Kanto. As a freshman Aymay didn't know about different regions which cost New Development Org. many gold.

Poland chaos

In the meantime, Poland started German/France occupation together with Spain. One day Aymay got a desperate call from Fixtor from Poland, the country was in chaos with many Resistance Wars and terrorist attacks. Every pair of hands was needed to help with the overwhelming hell. Aymay didn't hesitate long. He took all gold from the New Development Org. without any knowledge of co-manager. It was probably the worst decision in eLife, but Aymay returned to Poland and spent all golds to protect the homeland.

Fights were too long and Rebels took the defended grounds, Aymay was taken POW. Rescued by Owner's army a few days later, Aymay looked like a shadow of old self.

After returning from the battlefield, Aymay stayed in Berlin where the government sent all former soldiers.

New start in eJapan

In Berlin, Aymay was contacted by old partner Yagami, who despite taking all gold from Organization account still considered Aymay as a family. Deeply moved by those words Aymay went to Japan's Capital and promised that will repay all the debts. In Japan, Aymay got citizenship after the third attempt and joined the Desu Workers' Party.

After the March's congress election chaos left, Aymay left Japan searching for military training in Icon-Norway.png Norway.

During World War V

Main article: World War V

Just a week before the Russian attack on Pomerania, Poland, Aymay went to Rhone Alps to continue his military training. On day 886 Serbian attack sieged the city. The day after (Day 887) city was captured but Aymay evacuated with friendly soldiers to Greece, Thrace where, at the local hospital he helped the wounded soldiers.


Aymay made some of the graphics to New Omnomnom- a magazine by Yagami M While in DWP, Aymay was quite often taken for a girl, which really made him angry every time, however, once he used this attribute to start in a contest.


Aymay died in an ambush that happened on the 3rd of April somewhere in Japan, just after he married his cousin Mii.


Amamiya Sora returned at some point, joined Shinsengumi military unit where was a captain of the 1st Regiment.